Wednesday, December 12, 2012

RIM releases 'gold' build of its BB 10 SDK toolkit

RIM releases 'gold' build of its BB 10 SDK toolkit

RIM's reached yet another milestone in the slow-going march to its big January 30th BB 10 reveal: its SDK toolkit has gone 'gold'. Now, developers that've been courted by the Waterloo-based company at one of many BB Jam conferences around the globe can start building apps for the next-gen BlackBerry platform using final versions of APIs. As we learned back in May, devs interested in BB 10 will have the option to code natively for the unreleased OS using the Cascades framework, create HTML5-based "rich web applications" with WebWorks, or use the included toolset for Adobe AIR apps or Android ports. And just in case you were questioning industry support, RIM's also included stats in its associated PR (furnished by Five Points Research) that paint a positive picture, claiming 58-percent of those surveyed would "recommend BlackBerry 10 as a development platform." While it's nice to have those numbers as backup for its bravado, the company still has a ways to go turning the tide of consumer perception and elbowing past that other third place platform. Windows Phone 8, we're looking at you.

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