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Marine plants can flee to avoid predators: First observation of predator avoidance behavior by phytoplankton

ScienceDaily (Sep. 28, 2012) ? Scientists at the University of Rhode Island's Graduate School of Oceanography have made the first observation of a predator avoidance behavior by a species of phytoplankton, a microscopic marine plant. Susanne Menden-Deuer, associate professor of oceanography, and doctoral student Elizabeth Harvey made the unexpected observation while studying the interactions between phytoplankton and zooplankton.

Their discovery will be published in the September 28 issue of the journal PLOS ONE.

"It has been well observed that phytoplankton can control their movements in the water and move toward light and nutrients," Menden-Deuer said. "What hasn't been known is that they respond to predators by swimming away from them. We don't know of any other plants that do this."

While imaging 3-dimensional predator-prey interactions, the researchers noted that the phytoplankton Heterosigma akashiwo swam differently in the presence of predators, and groups of them shifted their distribution away from the predators.

In a series of laboratory experiments, Menden-Deuer and Harvey found that the phytoplankton not only flee when in the presence of the predatory zooplankton, but they also flee when in water that had previously contained the predators. They found only a minimal effect when the phytoplankton were exposed to predators that do not feed on phytoplankton.

"The phytoplankton can clearly sense the predator is there. They flee even from the chemical scent of the predator but are most agitated when sensing a feeding predator," said Menden-Deuer.

When the scientists provided the phytoplankton with a refuge to avoid the predator -- an area of low salinity water that the predators cannot tolerate -- the phytoplankton moved to the refuge.

The important question these observations raise, according to Menden-Deuer, is how these interactions affect the survival of the prey species.

Measuring survival in the same experiments, the researchers found that fleeing helps the alga survive. Given a chance, the predators will eat all of the phytoplankton in one day if the algae have no safe place in which to escape, but they double every 48 hours if they have a refuge available to flee from predators. Fleeing makes the difference between life and death for this species, said Menden-Deuer.

"One of the puzzling things about some phytoplankton blooms is that they suddenly appear," she said. "Growth and nutrient availability don't always explain the formation of blooms. Our observation of algal fleeing from predators is another mechanism for how blooms could form. Amazingly, looking at individual microscopic behaviors can help to explain a macroscopic phenomenon."

The researchers say there is no way of knowing how common this behavior is or how many other species of phytoplankton also flee from predators, since this is the first observation of such a behavior.

"If it is common among phytoplankton, then it would be a very important process," Menden-Deuer said. "I wouldn't be surprised if other species had that capacity. It would be very beneficial to them."

In future studies, she hopes to observe these behaviors in the ocean and couple it with genetic investigations.

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  1. Harvey EL, Menden-Deuer S. Predator-Induced Fleeing Behaviors in Phytoplankton: A New Mechanism for Harmful Algal Bloom Formation? PLoS ONE, 2012; 7(9): e46438 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0046438

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.


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Experimental hair saving therapy for breast cancer patients

Tampa, FL-- The owner of the Blow Bar in Tampa is raising money to bring a?hair saving?therapy for breast cancer patients to the Tampa Bay area.

Leslie Betts is raising money to buy?special freezers to store cold caps. Cold Cap Therapy is an experimental treatment used in Europe that helps breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, save their hair.

The Cold Caps must be changed every half hour during treatment. The caps?keep the scalp cold?during chemo so the hair follicle is not damaged, and less likely to fall out.

See pictures of the experimental cold caps here

It is still awaiting FDA approval and some oncologists are skeptical about allowing it.

Leslie says women who have?used it have been lobbying for more cancer centers and oncologists in the Tampa Bay area?to offer it as part of treatment.

Cold Cap Therapy is not covered by insurance. The disposable caps cost roughly $1600 and the specialty freezer costs $2500.

Click here to learn more about the Rapunzel Project

Blow Bar Styling Salon is located at 310 South Dale Mabry Highway.

If you know an oncologist or cancer center that may be interested in Cold Cap Therapy, you can call Leslie at 813-876-2569.


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Loading HDPI-Only Themes on the Galaxy Tab 2

Loading HDPI-Only Themes on the Galaxy Tab 2

Fans of the popular Theme Chooser have no doubt noticed that many themes have restrictions. In most cases, it?s an error that says the theme doesn?t have all the elements required for a device. Usually, these cases can even be ignored and the theme applied anyway. In worst case, you have to apply the system theme, reboot, then apply the new theme. However, some restrictions don?t have easy workarounds. For instance, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 users couldn?t flash HDPI themes on their MDPI-xlarge device. The operative word there is couldn?t.

XDA Recognized Contributor X8invisible has written up a simple guide to help Galaxy Tab 2 owners flash HDPI themes anyway. There are actually a couple of ways to achieve this and both of them are pretty easy. Of course root is required.

The first way is using an application called LCD Density Modder. Download and open the app and change lcd_density to 150. Then, flash the HDPI theme, reboot, and finally revert to 160. You?ll end up with your usual density and the HDPI theme. The second way involves using a root explorer application and manually editing the build.prop?parameter for lcd_density to 160. It?s pretty much the same process, except one uses an app and the other requires manual changes.

If you?re looking to flash some HDPI themes and need to know more, go to the original thread.


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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Texas Instruments not leaving mobile after all

Android Central

There was some talk that Texas Instruments would be getting out of the mobile game a few days ago, but a TI rep has clarified the company's position just a bit. Mobile is still in the picture, but they're looking to make their products suitable for automotive, industrial, enterprise communication, vision, and robotics fields as well. TI also reported that the first OMAP 5 consumer products should be hitting shelves in early 2013. 

It's good to hear that TI isn't completely abandoning mobile, even if it means they won't be focusing on it in as specifically as before. I've seen some really impressive OMAP tech demos at TI's booth at the last two Mobile World Congress events, and it would be a shame to lose out on that innovation and see it head towards other sectors. On the other hand, with Samsung, Apple, Qualcomm, and Nvidia all in the mix, the smartphone and tablet processor market has become quite competitive. 

OMAP 4 is still at the heart of Amazon tablets and a handful of other devices. Any big OMAP fans out there that are looking forward to version 5? Have you developed a preference for any particular type of processor? 

Via: GSM Arena


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Square Enix blames lack of new consoles for failures. Is this an ...


Really Square Enix? Is this a joke?

Speaking about Consoles, Square Enix had the audacity to say:

?This generation has been way too long, and I say this because you have a lot of developers that work on a new platform, and perhaps will not succeed, so they will wait for the next generation, and will jump on that platform,? Merceron said. ?You could not do that with this generation though. So these developers went elsewhere to see if the grass was greener. They found Web browsers, they found iOS, they found other things and a lot of them won?t come back to the hardware platforms.?

Your excuse for your horrible new games and your rape of the Final Fantasy series is that you just need a new console to sell your new games?

Is this because Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are doing all the marketing?

Does their millions of dollars hyping up the consumers have anything to do with possibly bigger sales numbers on another rehashed and horrible Final Fantasy?

Is this just an excuse for your pathetic and weak sauce performance over the last few years?


The Sleeping Giant

I?ve been amazingly busy these past couple months but an article with so much gumption, balls, and simply b.s had to prompt a response. This statement forced the digital pen into my hand and inspired these words.

The comments on Gamespot went BALLISTIC with people calling out Square Enix for their amazingly sad excuse of failures. People lamented being told to throw away their PS3/360?s and spend another $500 on some new system.

Some comments included:

?I don?t really agree here. I mean I am just fine with my PS3 right now. I know a lot of other people are happy with their current consoles too. ? ~

?i love my ps3. Games on it look great, and most importantly play great. I don?t like the keyboard controls. I love being able to sit on my lazy-boy chair, sit back, turn on my 55? TV and PS3 and let my mind get lost in some awesome adventures.

I am still happy with this generation of consoles. When the new comes out I will be happy to get it? ~

?I don?t know about you guys, but I am still waiting for Square to release something good. I keep my hopes up, but the last few Final Fantasy games have been mediocre. The last good one was 9. They just want a new system, so they can release another mediocre game, and complain to us that we don?t support them enough, and that is why we will not get a remake of 7.?? ~

??This coming from Square Enix, who have so far released only ONE franchise title on the current gen console (XIII). Before you start looking for ?greener grass,? take a look at what?s underneath your feet.? ~

?I do not like Square-Enix anymore and I had hopes for them that they will treat gaming right. They are bunch of cynical bastards that are destroying gaming by re-rereleasing the same video games from the past. All my favorite?Japanese video game companies are dying such as Squaresoft, Capcom, and Nintendo. I guess Namco is the only Japanese company I like because of Tekken.? ~

?I disagree with his assessment. ?Studios who were unable to keep up with AAA game development this generation would not have been better served by having a new generation of consoles already. ?Console game budgets and development cycles will only continue to increase as expectations rise. ?The growth of the mobile and web platforms is more similar to the growth of indie game development and would have occurred regardless of the decisions Sony and Microsoft have made as those platforms have matured in the past few years.? ~

?What a lousy excuse for their poor development cycles. We have received 4 awesome Assassins Creed titles since 2007, and we have received 1.5 very MEH final fantasy games. Sure blame the other companies who can continually release awesome games on the current hardware.? ~

??What a load. These a holes take forever to make games and theyre talking about long life cycles, bit%6 please! How about you make a game that isnt almost exactly like all your other games. I used to love Square in the days of the SNES, their glory days are long gone IMO. And please stop with the male leads that look like females, i cant take it anymore.? ~

?Bull**** ! This is exactly why I dont like square enix. All they want to do is mint money. Besides the conventional wisdom here is that new consoles come when the older ones reach their full potential, both economically and in terms of tech utilization.? ~

??so its sony?s, microsoft?s, ati?s, nividia?s fault that you changed you?re internal dev structure by hiring cheaper staff to make browser/mobile games? how is this guy director of anything. maybe if they hired/promoted better directors in their corp. they?ll make better decisions and stop making stupid half thought statements like this one. ?? ~

?That doesn?t make sense. ?We aren?t going to develop for this generation because it is too old, so we are going to develop for mobile, which is like developing for consoles from 2-3 generations ago?. WHAT?? ~

?easy to say when you didn?t have to subsides a console for a couple of years or more before you break-even, easy to say when you are not the consumers that buys consoles, if you feel development restrictions on consoles why don?t they go crazy pushing the?envelop on PC; gamers that are willing to dish $600-700 for new consoles every couple of years are willing to upgrade a PC fto latest technology, given that developers show us that having the latest tech. actually enhances our gameplay experience?significantly (as if showing of engine with better graphics is enough)? oh wait developers are not taking that risk, instead they go after high profit / low cost from mostly?forgettable?single mechanic browser games and then you have the sack to blame hardware manufacturers. How much money does square throw at marketing new xbox or PS, not much if any. What ground does square have to say all this, when was the last time they blew our minds with a new experience FF13 pleeeeeaaaze, linear doesn?t hold its on against some games from original PS in my opinion. ? ~?

?Maybe stop making crappy games and we?ll be more inclined to buy them. How dare they blame the systems?? ~


uhh, really? this coming from Square-Enix? uhhh really? dude, i get it, you want all the latest tech an whatnot, but your company used to OWN the market on high quality games, legions of fans were born on the amazing output you had during PSone and PS2 days. and yet, most of your best games were produced at the end of each of those systems life cycles. This gen you have been so quite, SE, and your most accomplished outings were often via studios you aquired and were not in house games (like Deus Ex). Sorry, i feel it?s a bit out of place for SE to be making excuses about this generation when the actual games (gameplay, not just pretty presentation) they have put out this gen have been rather lackluster. Sounds like a set up to me, like: ?hey, investor, don?t get mad at us when our financials start to tank, it?s because the console makers didn?t get around to making new systems fast enough??

tech is great, and there is no stopping it, but it is only one element of what makes gaming great.

? ~


This is just a small sample of the comments left on that Gamespot article. The fact remains, Square Enix got this so wrong it?s not even funny. No one?s laughing. People are seriously offended at the laziness and incompetence of one of our favorite game developers.

Why not ATTEMPT to satisfy your fans a little before you go whining Square? Btw hows about making Kingdom Hearts 3 while you?re at it? We?ve only been waiting for 6 FREAKING YEARS! Geez.. and Microsoft/Sony are the lazy ones eh?



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What Is Intel Clover Trail? [Video]

Intel Clover Trail. Sounds like a JJ Abrams movie about camping, right? But Clover Trail is actually the next generation Intel Atom chip that'll power both Windows 8 tablets and laptops. Which means you'll probably run into this chip pretty darn soon, so get familiar. More »


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Better Your Day With These Self Improvement Proposals | Bob ...

If you are trying to grow as a person, you need to learn as much as you can and then apply it to your life. Your personality is an important tool for your success, but you will also have to do a lot of studying.

Begin a special savings for emergencies. Without such a fund, you may have to rely on credit cards or high-interest loans to deal with sudden expenses or emergencies. However, you can protect yourself from this happening by depositing a few dollars into a savings account each week. You will be surprised at how quickly your emergency fund will increase. This money can help out in the short and long term because debt continues decreasing.

TIP! The first step in changing is making a decision to change. You have to determine exactly what you want and consciously decide to work toward it.

Never underestimate the power of humility. Everyone is a part of the world?s puzzle. You still have so much to learn and discover. Keep this in mind and seize the chance to learn something new whenever you can. You will be able to learn amazing things from each person you encounter if you encounter them in an open-minded fashion.

Keep in mind the power of complimenting other people. By being kind to others, you will also begin to care about yourself more.

Use other successful individuals as role models and look for ways to replicate their methods. Don?t try to make too many changes at once. Start with two or three fundamentals that can make a difference, and practice those few until they feel natural to you. Adopting a new habit should take about twenty days. Make sure you give yourself enough time.

TIP! Focus on improving yourself first; you deserve to be happy! You are responsible for your own personal happiness, but this shouldn?t be at the expense of other people?s feelings. Whatever you do, make sure you follow your own values.

If you have had several consecutive failings, take a moment to analyze what you?re doing wrong. Do some research online for examples of goals and ideas that are similar to yours, then compare your own goals to your findings. The issues holding you back might include not making enough of an effort, employing a flawed method, or aiming for goals that are too ambitious.

Instead of endlessly gloating about your own achievements, why not ask another person to share a story of personal victory? You will be amazed to hear some of the wonderful and interesting things the people around you have done in their lives, and you will earn new respect for them by understanding their true character.

You can benefit by learning about other individuals who are a success. Don?t think of your personal development as a journey with an end. Think of it as a permanent lifestyle change. Learning what others have learned will positively impact your own development.

TIP! Always work towards your personal best. The passions you have should always make you want to achieve greatness.

By taking care of your physical health, you will be helping every area of self improvement. Simple things such as getting plenty of quality sleep, eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly will keep your energy levels up and give you a better chance of reaching the personal development goals you have set for yourself. Although it seems so simple, this can be a struggle for some people.

If you are going to be a champion, then you need a great coach. Behind every champion, there is a coach that helps serve as a mentor. Having this type of person around is one key to being successful. All of us are students and teachers in one way or another. Without guidance from others, it will be hard for people to do their best. All champions have a fabulous coach.

Don?t just respect people who have power or something to offer you; treat everyone with respect. Treating people badly as a matter of principle reflects a bad personality on your part rather than theirs.

TIP! Maintaining a positive attitude will get you through a lot of tough times while allowing you to grow and mature. Bad attitudes usually lead you to some place you would rather not be and nearly always impede progress.

Realize that a gap exists between where you want to be and where you are now. This will set you on the path of personal development, and give you a need to do better. If you can?t identify those two things, or can distinguish between them, then you will not make any progress in your desire for personal growth.

This advice lays out a clear path to personal development success. Also, always keep your eyes open for new information. This can further your growth, making you a better individual

Bob Spiro

For MLM Pros Team Founder

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For MLM Pros

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Contact Me: Youtube Faebook Twitter

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Daughter of Bahrain opposition leader sentenced

MANAMA, Bahrain (AP) ? The daughter of a jailed rights activist in Bahrain was sentenced Wednesday to two months in prison for damaging property at the police station, including tearing a picture of the Gulf nation's king, officials said.

Rights groups denounced the court's decision. They accused authorities in the tiny, but strategically important Gulf kingdom of escalating crackdowns on protesters from the Shiite majority, which is seeking a greater political voice in the Sunni-ruled nation.

More than 50 people have died in the unrest since February 2011 in Bahrain, the host of the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet.

A statement from Bahrain's Information Affairs Authority said Zainab al-Khawaja would complete the sentence within a week because of time served awaiting trial. She will remain detained for other "more serious charges," the statement said.

Al-Khawaja's defense lawyer, Mohammad al-Jishi, said the other charges are related to anti-government protests and alleged illegal gatherings.

Al-Khawaja's father, Abdulhadi, is among eight opposition figures, who were convicted of anti-state crimes last year and were sentenced to life imprisonment for their role in the Shiite-led uprising that was inspired by other Arab Spring protests against authoritarian regimes in the region. He staged a 110-day hunger strike earlier this year in protest.


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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Video: Former major leaguer gets a second chance

>>> and finally, how far would you go to help a total stranger get a second chance? tonight, nbc's carrie sanders with the story of a baseball player whose major league dreams were cut short in an instant. and man who was determined to get him one more at bat.

>> reporter: adam greenberg was a major leaguer. his professional career with the chicago cubs in 2005 started and ended his first time at-bat.

>> oh, my goodness, let's hope he is okay.

>> it was the single most happiest, greatest moment in my life, match weekend the absolute worst thing at the exact same moment.

>> reporter: a severe head injury left adam unable to keep his balance or follow the ball. enter this baseball fanatic, who remembered that 92 miles an hour fastball, and a statistic held by no other major leaguer.

>> out of the many who played major league baseball he is the only one to have his career end on the first pitch. and that is just not right.

>> reporter: it all reminded matt of "field of dreams" and moonlight gram, who regretted playing only one game.

>> i never got to bat in the major leagues , i would have liked that chance, just once.

>> reporter: it took matt a while, but he over came the hand-eye coordination. today he is hitting like he once did. but time is no friend when it comes to professional sports .

>> scouts wouldn't look at you when you're 31, will they?

>> they look at you in a different light.

>> reporter: so together, fan and player created an on-line campaign to get adam another chance. who saw that? the very team that had thrown the ball that had injured him. this morning on "today" the miami marlins offered a second chance.

>> well, adam we would like to sign you to a one-day contract. and if you come to miami we'll put you in uniform and you will be a member of our team sinai mean, i can't express how great that feels to me, baseball in general, from the bottom of my heart, i'll be ready for that. i can tell you that.

>> reporter: adam says even if he gets to the plate now and strikes out, it has all been worth it.

>> i am going to give it a great at bat, i know that for sure. if it is one pitch or ten, this is all worth it.

>> reporter: carrie sanders, nbc news, miami.


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Lawyer-Proof Your Life in the Cook Islands and Panama | Sovereign ...

If you?re waiting for a problem to start knocking ? whether it?s an individual litigant or the U.S. government itself ? it?s already too late. The best time for asset protection is long before a problem arrives.

Right now, like it or not, problems are heading straight up your driveway and your front door is within easy reach.

Through taxation and regulation, the U.S. government has stepped up attacks on our wealth. Eager to avoid dealing with our fundamental fiscal issues, our politicians will continue to dig deeper into our pockets to grab every penny they can, no matter who wins the upcoming election.

At the same time, a bad economy is making more people lawsuit-happy. Does your neighbor have a petty grievance against you and your barking dog? You?d better take that complaint seriously ? anyone with money (even people of moderate wealth) can become a target.

As sovereign individuals, we understand these trends and guard against them. Wisely, we choose where we place our assets and identify places where we can find safety and privacy guaranteed by law.

For true security, we require a system that also guarantees maximum possible legal tax avoidance, the highest possible financial privacy, the strongest asset protection and access to the most profitable investments available worldwide.

Fortunately, there is one legal device that does all of this: the offshore Asset Protection Trust (APT).

The idea of setting up an offshore APT may seem daunting, but it doesn?t have to be a complicated process. In some of my favorite offshore havens, you can lay the groundwork for a solid asset-protection strategy in just three days.

Making Yourself a Hard Target

One of the biggest threats to your financial well-being is litigation. The American judicial system is too often an enemy of prosperity. Courts in the United States are clogged with civil suits demanding enormous sums for imagined or statutorily-concocted injuries that create supposed victims of harassment, disability or discrimination.

No matter how safe you think you are, it doesn?t take much to have a lawsuit filed against you these days. Recent headlines have warned that people are now being sued for ?defamation? for writing negative product reviews on places like Amazon.

A U.S. group, Legal Reform Now, claims that more than 15 million lawsuits will be filed in state courts alone by the end of 2012, one new lawsuit every two seconds, one for every 12 adults in America. According to consulting firm Towers Watson, the direct cost of U.S. tort lawsuits in 2009 was $250 billion ? that?s a little over 1.5% of the entire U.S. gross domestic product.

For lawsuit protection, the best tactic is to shrink yourself and your assets as targets ? and an offshore asset protection trust can help you do exactly that. By transferring legal title and reducing control over assets through donating them to your offshore APT, you make yourself a smaller target. Once an APT is set up, this is something that can be done quickly and easily.

And any time hard assets are transferred to another nation (as when cash, stock shares or precious metals are moved to an offshore trust account, or an offshore trustee?s safe deposit box), a home country creditor will have difficulty reaching them, even if the existence of your offshore trust is known.

There is also the benefit of a harassing party knowing your assets are beyond immediate reach. The cost and difficulty of pursuit may discourage legal action or encourage an advantageous compromise.

A Foundation for a Secure Financial Future

Beyond being just a tool against legal threats, an offshore APT can serve as a powerful wealth-preservation structure in building a secure financial future for you and your family. The offshore APT has long been a favorite of those seeking a legal and safe way to distribute wealth to their heirs. While a U.S. domestic trust provides limited protection, that strength multiplies with distance when the APT is located outside U.S. jurisdiction.

As part of a sound estate plan, it can protect your assets while assuring that your heirs and chosen beneficiaries receive exactly what you wish after you?re gone. This can help you minimize estate taxes through planned giving, and also provide maintenance and tax-free income for a surviving spouse. Offshore APTs can also be set up to make sure you meet your family?s needs in the years ahead ? paying for medical care or arranging funds to pay for your grandchildren?s college education, for example.

Even as our privacy in the U.S. continues to dwindle and disappear, the security of offshore trusts are rooted in the financial privacy laws of the country in which they are created. And these are often always more strict than those at home.

While the U.S. economy continues to sputter, and the dollar continues its decades-long decline, an offshore APT can serve as an excellent investment vehicle with access to offshore profits and exposure to stronger currencies. These will provide you with the income you need to help build a secure retirement.

Where to Set Up Your Trust

While it is possible to set up a trust in as little as three days in places like Liechtenstein, or in five days in Panama, the more time you allow yourself to draft a solid plan, the more it will be able to meet all of your needs in the years ahead. That?s why the time to start planning is now ? when trouble is knocking at the door, it will be too late.

Many offshore financial centers specialize in the creation and administration of offshore asset protection trusts.

What the corporation-friendly State of Delaware is to U.S. companies, these jurisdictions are to asset protection trusts. Many are well developed, globally recognized financial centers. They boast modern, efficient banking, legal and other professional providers who understand servicing offshore APTs and offshore finance in general. Before you choose a place for your trust, always make certain of the latest developments in the jurisdiction you?re considering.

My top havens, based on my own personal experiences, are Panama and the Cook Islands.

Panama has had strong investor and asset protection-friendly laws in place governing trusts since the 1920s. The country has a growing, vibrant economy with a solid banking system that boasts maximum privacy.

A former British protectorate, the Cook Islands began adopting wealth protection laws in the 1980s that now have financial services second only to tourism as the biggest part of this island nation?s economy. The Cook Islands trust law embodies all the best legal concepts concerning modern trusts. As such, it has served as the example for many other offshore centers, from Nevis to Belize.

Both Panama and the Cook Islands can provide you with modern financial services and rock-solid financial privacy, making either an excellent home for your offshore trust. As places of both beauty and protection for your assets and your business interests, I would recommend either.

Faithfully yours,

Bob Bauman

P.S. Setting up an offshore asset protection trust is an important step towards securing your financial future, but it?s far from the only one. In my Offshore Confidential service, I?m tracking the latest threats to your wealth and liberty and what you can do to protect both. To learn more about how you can take advantage of my research and the steps you can start taking today, click here to read my special report.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

#5: Pioneer FH-X700BT Double-DIN CD Player w/ Built-In Bluetooth ...

Pioneer FH-X700BT Double-DIN CD Player w/ Built-In Bluetooth by Pioneer Buy new: $159.99 2 used & new from $159.99 (Visit the Hot New Releases in Car Audio list for authoritative information on this product?s current rank.)

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Todd Akin showing no signs of ending Senate run (cbsnews)

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Home price bounce will help boost?economy

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

A "For Sale" sign is posted at a home on August 28, 2012 in Los Angeles, Calif. The rise in home prices for the sixth month in a row, according to a widely-watched survey, is bringing much-needed help to the sluggish recovery.

By John W. Schoen, NBC News

The ongoing rise in home prices, up for the sixth month in a row in July according to a widely followed index, is bringing some badly-needed support for an ailing U.S. economy.

The road back to economic health, though, is going to be a long one.?

U.S. single-family home prices rose?in July, though the improvement was not as strong as expected, a closely watched survey showed on Tuesday.

The S&P/Case Shiller composite index of 20 metropolitan areas gained 0.4 percent in July on a seasonally adjusted basis, shy of economists' forecasts for 0.9 percent, according to a Reuters poll.

On a non-adjusted basis, prices fared better, rising 1.6 percent.

Compared to a year ago, prices in the 20 cities were up 1.2 percent, beating expectations for 1 percent. It was the second month in a row year-over-year prices have risen.

Tuesday?s home price data confirmed "recent good news" about the sector, David Blitzer, chairman of the index committee at Standard & Poor's, said in a statement.

"All in all, we are more optimistic about housing. Upbeat trends continue," said Blitzer.

Home price rebound

Most economists think home prices have stopped falling and are slowly headed back up. But the recovery to pre-bust levels will take years.

Some six years after the housing market collapsed, the forces of supply and demand that sent prices plummeting now appear to have laid a firm foundation for a sustainable recovery, according to many economists.

?The rise in home prices across the nation reinforces the view that housing is now leading rather than restraining the economy,? said Joel Naroff, chief economist at Naroff Economic Advisors

The U.S. housing market?s long slumber has been a major drag on the wider economy?s recovery from the 2007 recession. Now, as that market force shifts from a headwind to a tailwind, economists expect the housing revival to help boost economic growth in several ways.

?Strengthening in home prices is a plus for growth through various channels, including increased consumer spending because of wealth and confidence effects, increased incentive to buy before prices go up some more, and increased incentive to lend because of less chance of mortgages turning delinquent,? according to Jim O'Sullivan, chief U.S. Economist at High Frequency Economics.

Rising home prices have helped put consumers in a better mood. Consumer confidence jumped to its highest level in seven months in September as Americans were also more optimistic about the job market and income prospects, a private sector report showed on Tuesday.

Homebuilders are also feeling more upbeat. ?

Both home resales and groundbreaking on new houses rose in August, helping to lift business sentiment among homebuilders to a more than six-year high.

Housing starts rose 2.3 percent last month, the fastest in more than two years, and are up by more than 20 percent in the past year. But the gain follows a collapse that saw new home sales crash from a nearly 1.4 million annual rate in mid-2005 to fewer than 300,000 last year.

Foreclosure backlog
The recovery in home prices comes as the supply of ?distressed? properties has begun to ease. Those include houses seized by banks in foreclosure and so-called ?short sales,? in which a bank approves a sale for less than the outstanding mortgage balance. But with default rates still high by historical standards and a large backlog of pending foreclosures, those properties will continue to weigh on the market.

Capital Economics housing economist Paul Diggle figures the supply of homes for sale has fallen some 23 percent over the past year, while the pace of sales has picked up by 11 percent. That?s brought the number of homes on the market back down closer to historical levels.

?Supply may not fall much further, but with demand continuing to improve, the market will remain tight enough to sustain price gains,? he said.

Nationwide, Diggle expects price to close out 2012 with a gain of about five percent, after giving up some ground later this year as they typically have during the slower selling months in winter.

Demand for houses could also get a lift from the Federal Reserve?s recent move to force mortgage rates, already at historic lows, even lower. The Fed is hoping that cheaper credit will prompt?potential home buyers to take the plunge.

The central bank's announcement earlier this month that it would spend $40 billion a month to buy mortgage-backed bonds has already forced the yields on those securities sharply lower.

But for many borrowers, low mortgage rates aren?t the problem. Bankers have been demanding higher credit scores before approving loans, and with unemployment stuck above 8 percent, many would-be home buyers can?t get a mortgage.

Lower rates could also help spur the economy by helping existing homeowners with mortgages refinance to a lower monthly payment. But millions of them ? roughly one in four ? can?t get a new mortgage because they owe more on their old loan than their house is worth.

?It remains to be seen just how much of this fall (in mortgage rates) will be passed through to borrowers,? said Diggle. ?And in any case, with rates already at record lows and credit still very tight, any fall probably won?t make a dramatic difference to the recovery."

Rising home prices will slowly lift underwater houses back onto dry land. But the process will take years.?

Nationwide, homeowners with mortgages owed some $689 billion more in the second quarter than their homes were worth, according to CoreLogic. But the recent uptick in home prices is providing some small?relief; that number dropped by just $2 billion from the first quarter to the second quarter. Of all homeowners with mortgages, some 10.8 million ? more than one in five ? were still underwater in the second quarter, according to CoreLogic.

Reuters contributed to this report.


Breaking down the data on housing, with David Blitzer, S&P 500 Index Committee chairman. "Overall the housing industry has come back," he says.

More money and business news:

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Robotics Revolution: The Robots Are Just Getting Warmed Up

Robot FlowersEditor's note: Saad Khan is a seeker of bad-assness. He found it at Evolution Robotics (not to mention Blekko, Zaarly, Jobvite, Luminate, and LendingClub). He?s a Partner at CMEA Capital. And he?s doing the robot today.?Follow him @saadventures?or? This past week it was announced that Evolution Robotics, maker of the Mint floor cleaner, is now iRobot. The announcement is hot off the presses, the implications forming. But one thing is clear: the robot era has begun, and no one is safe, not even from their short arms and incessant nagging.


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Stratosphere targets deep sea to shape climate

Monday, September 24, 2012

A University of Utah study suggests something amazing: Periodic changes in winds 15 to 30 miles high in the stratosphere influence the seas by striking a vulnerable "Achilles heel" in the North Atlantic and changing mile-deep ocean circulation patterns, which in turn affect Earth's climate.

"We found evidence that what happens in the stratosphere matters for the ocean circulation and therefore for climate," says Thomas Reichler, senior author of the study published online Sunday, Sept. 23 in the journal Nature Geoscience.

Scientists already knew that events in the stratosphere, 6 miles to 30 miles above Earth, affect what happens below in the troposphere, the part of the atmosphere from Earth's surface up to 6 miles or about 32,800 feet. Weather occurs in the troposphere.

Researchers also knew that global circulation patterns in the oceans ? patterns caused mostly by variations in water temperature and saltiness ? affect global climate.

"It is not new that the stratosphere impacts the troposphere," says Reichler, an associate professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Utah. "It also is not new that the troposphere impacts the ocean. But now we actually demonstrated an entire link between the stratosphere, the troposphere and the ocean."

Funded by the University of Utah, Reichler conducted the study with University of Utah atmospheric sciences doctoral student Junsu Kim, and with atmospheric scientist Elisa Manzini and oceanographer J?rgen Kr?ger, both with the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany.

Stratospheric Winds and Sea Circulation Show Similar Rhythms

Reichler and colleagues used weather observations and 4,000 years worth of supercomputer simulations of weather to show a surprising association between decade-scale, periodic changes in stratospheric wind patterns known as the polar vortex, and similar rhythmic changes in deep-sea circulation patterns. The changes are:

-- "Stratospheric sudden warming" events occur when temperatures rise and 80-mph "polar vortex" winds encircling the Artic suddenly weaken or even change direction. These winds extend from 15 miles elevation in the stratosphere up beyond the top of the stratosphere at 30 miles. The changes last for up to 60 days, allowing time for their effects to propagate down through the atmosphere to the ocean.

-- Changes in the speed of the Atlantic circulation pattern ? known as Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation ? that influences the world's oceans because it acts like a conveyor belt moving water around the planet.

Sometimes, both events happen several years in a row in one decade, and then none occur in the next decade. So incorporating this decade-scale effect of the stratosphere on the sea into supercomputer climate simulations or "models" is important in forecasting decade-to-decade climate changes that are distinct from global warming, Reichler says.

"If we as humans modify the stratosphere, it may ? through the chain of events we demonstrate in this study ? also impact the ocean circulation," he says. "Good examples of how we modify the stratosphere are the ozone hole and also fossil-fuel burning that adds carbon dioxide to the stratosphere. These changes to the stratosphere can alter the ocean, and any change to the ocean is extremely important to global climate."

A Vulnerable Soft Spot in the North Atlantic

"The North Atlantic is particularly important for global ocean circulation, and therefore for climate worldwide," Reichler says. "In a region south of Greenland, which is called the downwelling region, water can get cold and salty enough ? and thus dense enough ? so the water starts sinking."

It is Earth's most important region of seawater downwelling, he adds. That sinking of cold, salty water "drives the three-dimensional oceanic conveyor belt circulation. What happens in the Atlantic also affects the other oceans."

Reichler continues: "This area where downwelling occurs is quite susceptible to cooling or warming from the troposphere. If the water is close to becoming heavy enough to sink, then even small additional amounts of heating or cooling from the atmosphere may be imported to the ocean and either trigger downwelling events or delay them."

Because of that sensitivity, Reichler calls the sea south of Greenland "the Achilles heel of the North Atlantic."

From Stratosphere to the Sea

In winter, the stratospheric Arctic polar vortex whirls counterclockwise around the North Pole, with the strongest, 80-mph winds at about 60 degrees north latitude. They are stronger than jet stream winds, which are less than 70 mph in the troposphere below. But every two years on average, the stratospheric air suddenly is disrupted and the vortex gets warmer and weaker, and sometimes even shifts direction to clockwise.

"These are catastrophic rearrangements of circulation in the stratosphere," and the weaker or reversed polar vortex persists up to two months, Reichler says. "Breakdown of the polar vortex can affect circulation in the troposphere all the way down to the surface."

Reichler's study ventured into new territory by asking if changes in stratospheric polar vortex winds impart heat or cold to the sea, and how that affects the sea.

It already was known that that these stratospheric wind changes affect the North Atlantic Oscillation ? a pattern of low atmospheric pressure centered over Greenland and high pressure over the Azores to the south. The pattern can reverse or oscillate.

Because the oscillating pressure patterns are located above the ocean downwelling area near Greenland, the question is whether that pattern affects the downwelling and, in turn, the global oceanic circulation conveyor belt.

The study's computer simulations show a decadal on-off pattern of correlated changes in the polar vortex, atmospheric pressure oscillations over the North Atlantic and changes in sea circulation more than one mile beneath the waves. Observations are consistent with the pattern revealed in computer simulations.

Observations and Simulations of the Stratosphere-to-Sea Link

In the 1980s and 2000s, a series of stratospheric sudden warming events weakened polar vortex winds. During the 1990s, the polar vortex remained strong.

Reichler and colleagues used published worldwide ocean observations from a dozen research groups to reconstruct behavior of the conveyor belt ocean circulation during the same 30-year period.

"The weakening and strengthening of the stratospheric circulation seems to correspond with changes in ocean circulation in the North Atlantic," Reichler says.

To reduce uncertainties about the observations, the researchers used computers to simulate 4,000 years worth of atmosphere and ocean circulation.

"The computer model showed that when we have a series of these polar vortex changes, the ocean circulation is susceptible to those stratospheric events," Reichler says.

To further verify the findings, the researchers combined 18 atmosphere and ocean models into one big simulation, and "we see very similar outcomes."

The study suggests there is "a significant stratospheric impact on the ocean," the researchers write. "Recurring stratospheric vortex events create long-lived perturbations at the ocean surface, which penetrate into the deeper ocean and trigger multidecadal variability in its circulation. This leads to the remarkable fact that signals that emanate from the stratosphere cross the entire atmosphere-ocean system."


University of Utah:

Thanks to University of Utah for this article.

This press release was posted to serve as a topic for discussion. Please comment below. We try our best to only post press releases that are associated with peer reviewed scientific literature. Critical discussions of the research are appreciated. If you need help finding a link to the original article, please contact us on twitter or via e-mail.

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Taking gingko biloba does not improve memory, study finds

ScienceDaily (Sep. 21, 2012) ? Taking Gingko biloba supplements does not improve memory, attention or problem solving in healthy individuals, according to researchers from the University of Hertfordshire.

The paper, published in Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental, is the first meta-analytic review examining the effects of Gingko biloba on healthy people across all age groups. The researchers led by Professor Keith Laws found zero impact on the cognitive functions whatever the age of the people, the dose taken or the length of time of taking Gingko biloba supplements.

Gingko biloba, the oldest tree living species, has been used extensively in traditional Chinese herbal medicine for thousands of years.? Today, it is one of the most widely used plant-based products available without prescription in Europe and North America, where is it marketed as a dietary supplement to treat blood disorders and, more specifically, to enhance memory both for healthy individuals and also for those trying to ward off Alzheimer?s Disease.

Keith Laws, Professor of psychology, said: ?Gingko biloba has been widely used for a number of years to reduce the mental decline associated with aging.? But more recently it has been marketed as a memory enhancing supplement for healthy individuals ? and it is crucial to establish the validity for such claims.

?Our findings show that taking Gingko biloba supplements at any age to boost memory have no impact at all ? and may be a waste of time and money.?

The paper, ?Is Gingko biloba a cognitive enhancer in healthy individuals? A meta-analysis?, examines the published research of thirteen randomised control trials of over 1000 healthy individuals across all ages.?

Other recently published studies have also shown that there is no evidence to support taking Gingko biloba supplements to protect against developing Alzheimer?s Disease.

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The above story is reprinted from materials provided by University of Hertfordshire, via AlphaGalileo.

Note: Materials may be edited for content and length. For further information, please contact the source cited above.

Journal Reference:

  1. Keith R Laws, Hilary Sweetnam, Tejinder K Kondel. Is Ginkgo biloba a cognitive enhancer in healthy individuals? A meta-analysis. Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental, 2012; DOI: 10.1002/hup.2259

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.


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Monday, September 24, 2012

Democrats likely to retain Senate as critical races shift

After weeks in which the fate of the Senate simmered at nearly even odds of flipping for Republicans or remaining in Democratic control, the outlook has shifted dramatically in the Democrats' favor. The incumbent party now has an 80 percent chance of retaining its majority, according to the Signal's prediction model.

The break is largely due to critical races in Missouri, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Virginia, all of which have favored the Republican at some point in the last month and now favor the Democratic candidate.


The cards appeared heavily stacked in the Republicans' favor going in to this election season. The Democrats currently control the Senate, but they have only 30 returning senators to the Republicans' 37 returning senators among the two-thirds of the chamber not up for reelection this cycle. That, combined with strong anti-incumbent currents in the electorate, presented an uphill battle for the Democratic Party.

The trouble for the Republicans began with Missouri with Republican nominee Todd Akin's comments parsing different types of rape. This had been a likely pickup for? Republicans, given the unpopularity of Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill. The prediction markets wavered on this race given the uncertainty as to whether Akin would be forced to withdraw, but have moved in McCaskill's favor as the likelihood that Akin will be replaced has drifted to 0.

That shift alone was enough to throw the fate of the Senate into turmoil, because it added one more variable to an already complicated list of scenarios. The frontrunner in Maine, independent Angus King, has not said which party he will caucus with if elected. In the event of a tie, control will go to whichever party wins the White House.

Next, we have a roller coaster in Wisconsin. Democratic candidate Tammy Baldwin initially looked strong against a field of Republican possibilities. Then, the strongest of those, former governor Tommy Thompson, won the primary. For a while, he held a commanding lead, dominating the polling after his primary win. A series of polls in mid-September demonstrated a massive surge for Baldwin, however, and the markets have responded accordingly.

The Massachusetts senatorial race, the most anticipated senatorial contest of the election, has been close all along. The incumbent, Republican Scott Brown, faces a formidable opponent in Elizabeth Warren. The state is heavily Democratic, and that party identification may prove to be the tiebreaker for Warren, who has pulled ahead in recent polling and is now 61.6 percent likely to take the Republican held seat.

The Virginia senatorial race pits former senator and former governor George Allen against former governor Tim Kaine. Kaine, the Democrat, has pulled ahead in this race in concert with Obama's odds in the Old Dominion. Kaine is now 66.8 percent likely to carry the open Democratic seat that retiring senator Jim Webb captured from Allen six years ago. Obama has a 73.9 percent chance to repeat in the state he narrowly won in 2008.

Follow the state-by-state and overall senatorial predictions in real time with

David Rothschild has a Ph.D. in applied economics from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Follow him on Twitter @DavMicRot


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Cancer research yields unexpected new way to produce nylon

Monday, September 24, 2012

In their quest for a cancer cure, researchers at the Duke Cancer Institute made a serendipitous discovery -- a molecule necessary for cheaper and greener ways to produce nylon.

The finding, described in the Sept. 23, 2012, issue of the journal Nature Chemical Biology, arose from an intriguing notion that some of the genetic and chemical changes in cancer tumors might be harnessed for beneficial uses.

"In our lab, we study genetic changes that cause healthy tissues to go bad and grow into tumors. The goal of this research is to understand how the tumors develop in order to design better treatments," said Zachary J. Reitman, Ph.D., an associate in research at Duke and lead author of the study. "As it turns out, a bit of information we learned in that process paves the way for a better method to produce nylon."

Nylon is a ubiquitous material, used in carpeting, upholstery, auto parts, apparel and other products. A key component for its production is adipic acid, which is one of the most widely used chemicals in the world. Currently, adipic acid is produced from fossil fuel, and the pollution released from the refinement process is a leading contributor to global warming.

Reitman said he and colleagues delved into the adipic acid problem based on similarities between cancer research techniques and biochemical engineering. Both fields rely on enzymes, which are molecules that convert one small chemical to another. Enzymes play a major role in both healthy tissues and in tumors, but they are also used to convert organic matter into synthetic materials such as adipic acid.

One of the most promising approaches being studied today for environmentally friendly adipic acid production uses a series of enzymes as an assembly line to convert cheap sugars into adipic acid. However, one critical enzyme in the series, called a 2-hydroxyadipate dehydrogenase, has never been produced, leaving a missing link in the assembly line.

This is where the cancer research comes in. In 2008 and 2009, Duke researchers, including Hai Yan, M.D., PhD., identified a genetic mutation in glioblastomas and other brain tumors that alters the function of an enzyme known as an isocitrate dehydrogenase.

Reitman and colleagues had a hunch that the genetic mutation seen in cancer might trigger a similar functional change to a closely related enzyme found in yeast and bacteria (homoisocitrate dehydrogenase), which would create the elusive 2-hydroxyadipate dehydrogenase necessary for "green" adipic acid production.

They were right. The functional mutation observed in cancer could be constructively applied to other closely related enzymes, creating a beneficial outcome ? in this case the missing link that could enable adipic acid production from cheap sugars. The next step will be to scale up the overall adipic acid production process, which remains a considerable undertaking.

"It's exciting that sequencing cancer genomes can help us to discover new enzyme activities," Reitman said. "Even genetic changes that occur in only a few patients could reveal useful new enzyme functions that were not obvious before."

Yan, a professor in the Department of Pathology and senior author of the study, said the research demonstrates how an investment in medical research can be applied broadly to solve other significant issues of the day.

"This is the result of a cancer researcher thinking outside the box to produce a new enzyme and create a precursor for nylon production," Yan said. "Not only is this discovery exciting, it reaffirms the commitment we should be making to science and to encouraging young people to pursue science."


Duke University Medical Center:

Thanks to Duke University Medical Center for this article.

This press release was posted to serve as a topic for discussion. Please comment below. We try our best to only post press releases that are associated with peer reviewed scientific literature. Critical discussions of the research are appreciated. If you need help finding a link to the original article, please contact us on twitter or via e-mail.

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Demagoguery on taxes (hamptonroads)

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Thus, and not paying for increased sums meant for

Prior to fiscal crunch, a large number of banking companies offered mortgages pretty liberally to individuals, even in the event that they had virtually no credentials so that you can spine these all the way up monetarily. The fact is, it is one of the causes that cause the efficient downward spiral from the start.

Once consumers are having a hassle Discover More economically, precisely the same finance institutions that will presented them all personal loans are actually adding demand on individuals pay back their debts. There are millions of people who are can not repay their own dues inspite of their utmost efforts, greatly assist poor fiscal disorder. Debt consolidation reduction is usually one of the best techniques for these to leave their own present-day finances.

Credit card debt settlement is the process of incorporating various financial loans straight into a singular bank loan, which can be routinely given back using lower equal payments. Instead of paying many loan providers, anyone at this moment would need to only pay towards a single supplier. Any consolidated amount would definitely often be as few as typically the final total of all man or women quantities.

The low monthly installments are produced doable simply by stretching typically the benefit Clicking Here moment. For that reason, in place of shelling out larger portions for assorted short-term financing, the actual individual is recommended to pay for one particular infrequent fitting up for the long-term personal loan.

People today typically facilitate along with debit card payments, motor vehicle financing, dwelling funds and various other bills from month to month. Following a lot of loans may well be a logistical bad dream for many, and yes it could very well placed both of them within lot of economical in addition to emotionally charged tension. He or she can on the other hand prefer debt consolidation and also clubhouse most of these funds right into one easy check monthly. , loan consolidation helps make stuff possible for many people, because they must target basically a singular monthly payment, and that is cheaper and others controlable than those prior, numerous obligations.

Most loan consolidation providers present advising to their clients as well as assist them follow decent economic methods together with financial control. Plenty of people end up in consumer debt caused by poor expending lifestyle. They also don?t carry out tone data processing measures to keep their money if you would like. Loan consolidation expertise can coach consumers through these components plus assist them steward their own a great deal more mindfully.

After individuals turn into significantly better executives of these funding, it is really handful of precious time earlier than they are available out of their bills and grow fiscally zero cost. Not to mention consolidation is considered the helpful how you can accomplish this.


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