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Candle Making as a Hobby ? Your Hobby Finder

Candle Making is considered a creative form of art. The endless possibilities of fragrances, color, and shapes make this hobby an enjoyable and exciting one that is appreciated ?by many. If you enjoy making things, and you are looking for indoor hobbies,?then the craft of candle making may be just right for you. This is one of the easiest indoor hobbies, and can be very relaxing and rewarding. You can use your very own favorite colors, scents, and containers to create your own personalized candles.

Many local craft stores have all the supplies that you will need to get started in this exciting hobby. Some commonly used materials include the following:

? Molds
? Wicks
? Fragrance oils
? Glitter
? Wax
? Candle dyes and liquid dyes
? Flakes
? Embeds

You can also use various types of wax to create your candles. The most common types of wax are:

? Soy
? Paraffin
? Beeswax
? Gel
? Palm wax

It will not take long for you to master the art of candle making.? Once you become good at it, you could even create your own candle gifts around the holidays for your friends and family to enjoy. Also, the better you become, there are even more opportunities that you may want to consider. Generally,?when we are making things, such as crafts as a hobby, we do not consider the fact that there are hobbies that can make you money. Most people never intend to turn their hobby into a business.? However, if you are the kind of person that takes pleasure in making candles, you may want to think about turning your hobby into a business, because candle making is definitely one of those hobbies that can make you money.

When you are making candle crafts as a hobby, you probably do not spend a lot of thought on the price that each candle costs you to make, because you?re making them for yourself. However, when you decide to turn your candle making hobby into a business,?this aspect can determine whether or not your business makes a profit.? Since you will more than likely choose to purchase your supplies in bulk, you will need to measure the amount of each ingredient you will use to make one candle. Then, calculate the cost of each candle by multiplying the price per ounce that you are paying for each ingredient times the amount you will use. Then, add the totals, and you have the price it actually costs you to make one candle.? Do not forget if you make specialty candles with additional scents, to add this into the equation. In addition, if you will add special containers,?ribbons, or bows, those will need to be factored in as well. Do not forget the price of the candle wick!
In general, when pricing your product, you will want to make the price about 3 times what it costs you to make it.? To start quickly and build a reputation among the locals, you can contact some novelty shops in your area to see if they would be willing to carry your candle line. Give them samples, and have professional business cards on hand, to make a more professional appearance.

An important, but sometimes overlooked key-selling feature is to be sure you leave an opening in the container for customers to smell the scent of your candles.? Whether you keep candle making strictly to a hobby, or decide to make it a business, you are sure to enjoy this creative craft. Good luck on all your candle making creations!


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