Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sony outlines Xperia ICS update plans - manual upgrade only, starting mid-April


Sony Mobile (or Sony Ericsson, as it was known back then) was one of the first Android manufacturers to step forward with a a definitive upgrade plan for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. We've even seen public beta ROMs released for a couple of devices by Sony devs, and active engagement with the community to track down bugs.

Today Sony's offering up more details about exactly when each of its 2011 (and 2012) Xperia handsets will be getting the latest version of Android. The manufacturer had previously promised updates during Q1, but with just two days of the current quarter remaining, it should come as no surprise that things haven taken a little longer than anticipated.

The first Sony devices to get ICS will be the Xperia Arc S, Xperia Neo V and Xperia Ray, starting mid-April. Next up it's the Xperia Arc, Xperia Play, Xperia Neo, Xperia Mini, Xperia Mini Pro, Xperia Pro, Xperia Active and SE Live with Walkman, which will get ICS from "the end of May/early June."

If you've just bought a brand new Xperia S, though, you'll be in for a much longer wait. Sony's new European flagship isn't expected to get ICS until late Q2. As we said in our review, the Xperia S is a phone which sorely needs that ICS update, and early adopters will no doubt be frustrated to find themselves at the back of the line.

Sony also revealed that for 2011 Xperia phones, ICS will be an optional upgrade rather (through the PC Companion app) than a automatic over-the-air update. This is similar to the strategy adopted by Sony Ericsson with the Xperia X10's Gingerbread update. Writing on its Developer World Blog, Sony explains that ICS may actually degrade performance for some users due to increased memory use, and changes to the way SQL databases are handled, so it's not forcing the update on anyone in an OTA.

More technical details are available at the source link, but the upshot is that Sony's giving customers a choice between sticking with the familiar and stable Gingerbread experience, or living life on the edge with ICS. As far as we're concerned, that's got to be a good thing.

Source: Sony Mobile Blog; Sony Developer World

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Song Muxx ? Blog Archive ? Breaking It Down ? Easy Solutions In ...

Correspondent Karan J. I. Grimm ? The Direct Tv Satellite Technique is a most current innovation which involves the usage of satellite engineering for the television medium. Hughes can be a communication satellite important, which began the application of Direct Tv satellite procedure in 1999. Direct Tv nowadays presents a huge selection of channels the two regional and international to the subscribers. It designed background by starting the DTH or perhaps the DTV revolution and brought home cinema to Tv screens.

Direct Tv Satellite System?s greatest gain is its electronic configuration. A digital edge over analogue marks its possibility to provide DVD-like picture, high-definition transmission and clear audio output. They are the reasons why it offers changed your house theatre procedure in reputation. A well outlined on-screen guide with a lot of related software facts are an innovation that may only be from digital technology and Direct Tv satellite techniques.

Dish Community can be a common vendor in america they usually at this time provide cost-free tv techniques. Each and every package includes around four cost-free satellite receivers, an absolutely free satellite dish, and cost-free set up from a skilled professional. The Direct T.V satellite procedure permits a website supplier to provide a variety of channels and many cutting-edge functions this sort of Direct Tv TIVO & HDTV.

satellite direct reviews amusement has evolved successfully after a few years of stiff competition with dish networks. Direct Tv operates over lots of satellites, which float in space within the country. They enable continuous feeding of hours and hours of amusement into small dishes about the rooftops of the consumer?s residence. We have also permits bundling of internet via satellite and radio channels

The increasing price of tv is one cause for increasing public attention towards Direct Tv. An increasing trend noticed is that lots of people are disconnecting their cable assistance and opting for an immediate Tv dish. Aside from the savings probable, satellite tv procedure even offers access to a greater variety of channels and programming options.


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Friday, March 30, 2012

6 Livingston youths accused of vandalizing home (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)

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Jeff Bezos To Retrieve Apollo 11 Rocket Engines

They're not underwater graveyards, so yes, they can be salvaged. I'm not aware of anywhere within US territorial waters that is that deep (and in fact, I think the cutoff for territorial waters is 2,500m depth), so yes. I think you're right, they are legally up for grabs for anybody who can salvage them.

I'd be more concerned about the environmental impact. Yes, it's *very* deep, but wildlife has a tendency to accumulate around features on the ocean floor, and it's quite possible that these rocket engines ha


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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Make Your Journey To Make Olympic Successful

Olympic game is the most popular and oldest event in the history of all sports on the planet. It is organizes after every four years in different countries through public bidding. This time, London is going to host the 2012 edition of Olympic Games with all glitz and glamour. People have already started the countdown for this mega event which will be held on various locations across United Kingdom. Prior to this game, London has hosted two times in 1908 and 1948 respectively. The 2012 London Olympic Games are scheduled to be held from 27th July to 12 August 2012. There are many more interesting games or events are planned to be played this time in this beautiful city with top notch facilities.

The London Olympic Games will feature 26 sports which includes 39 disciplines including all major sports like Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Canoe Slalom, Canoe Sprit, Cycling- BMX, Cycling- Mountain Bike, Cycling -Road, Cycling- Track, Diving, Equestrian- Eventing, Equestrian- Jumping, Fencing, Football, Gymnastics- Artistic, Gymnastic- Rhythmic, Gymnastic- Trampoline, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Modern Pentathlon, Rowing, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Table Tennis, Triathlon, Volleyball, Water polo, Weight Lifting and Wrestling

The London Olympic Games have huge fan following across the world and the tickets for this amazing games have already sold out. The opening and closing ceremonies of the London Olympic are the biggest attraction for large crowd pulls. The opening and closing ceremonies are planned by an independent company called London 2012 ceremonies Ltd. in order to amaze the global audience with its spectacular blitzkriegs and many more surprising elements. This two ceremonies are creatively designed by famous Oscar winning film directors Danny Boyle and his team with a purpose to add some artistic vision. And there are some leading creative producers are also on board to make give this mega sports memorable and an lifetime affair for those are waiting to get the glimpse. The arrangement for this game has already been started as there are very few months are left.

The 2012 London Olympics will have 216 participating countries with more than ten thousands of athletes will show their skills and enthrall the audience in various sports. It has been expected that, the London Olympic s will go beyond imagination and surprise almost all visitor and sports enthusiasts with its preparation and grandeur. The interest level of global audience soars with the price of ticket prices as tickets have been selling as a good pace from all authorized vendors and there are many websites are also offering online ticket booking services with the help of games organizers and committee members. The price range of tickets varies from 10 pounds for Para Olympics and 20 pounds for Summer Olympic Games. The organizing committee has also fixed attractive rates for senior citizens and those are under 16 years of age. Well, after having all modern arrangements for the mega games with customized facilities, it's for sure the London Olympic will successfully attract many more global audience to its feet.


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Steeping grains namely a quite beneath utilised technique surrounded extract brewing and for no comely reason. It's easy apt do plus very efficacious surrounded joining depth apt the flavour of the finished production Extract Home Brewing tin?leave you feeling?a?little?finite within what you tin accomplish for distant for the malt you use is cared?Steeping?is the process of drenching grains amid hot water to release some of the specifics the colour plus flavour,karen millen silver dress,plus using namely water among the seethe while you acquaint up your wort. It tin?be equitable what you need apt add another dimension to your brew.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Learn The Standard Needs for Commercial Loans - Finance Analysis

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Due to the fact several borrowers have much less than ideal credit score and traditional lenders for instance banks are not ready to underwrite their commercial.


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Falls Prevention Is Important To Your Business ? Ross Joyner ...

It is easy to underestimate the risk of accidents in the workplace. People can easily overlook what poses a trip hazard while some people even simply laugh off how dangerous slips can be. However, slips, trips and fall accidents actually account for well over half of all major workplace injuries every single year and this startling statistic simply cannot be argued. The simple fact is that slips and trips are highly dangerous yet they are also, in the most part, completely avoidable by simply following some simple rules.

It is statistics such as this that make it clear how important it is as a business to make sure that you receive adequate training on how to avoid these types of simple accidents. These are important as they allow you and your staff the ability to have a workplace that is safe and secure to work in. This means that you can of course avoid the pain and anguish that a serious trip or fall can bring, but from a business perspective it also means that you can effectively save money.

Slips and trips cause serious time off of work that cost you and your business money in sick pay and can cause other indirect costs such as lost business and reduced output. Not only that, but of course there is the chance of being sued or having to assist or even completely pay for treatment and assistance. It can also be bad for public relations and of course as an employer you have a duty of care in the first place so ethically it is important that you do everything possible to avoid these sorts of accidents as well.

Many employers believe training is confusing, expensive and too time consuming. However, there are a number of companies that will come to your office or place or work and teach you and/or your staff about the basics of health and safety and avoiding trips and falls. This training is highly cost effective, and when weighed up with the potential costs described above, can quickly become invaluable. The truth is that some training can be as quick as just twenty minutes as well, meaning minimum fuss and disruption to you business. After this training, it is simply a case of making sure that you and employees practice what was learnt to see instant and dramatic improvements in the level of health and safety.

So, the question really is can you afford NOT to have this type of training?!

iHASCO offers a range of programmes that deal with health and safety issues. The programmes offered are truly interactive, enjoyable and knowledge-packed. They allow you, your team and your business to benefit from advanced health and safety training which will make your workplace safer and more enjoyable to work in.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Advantages E Commerce Offers You - Internet Marketing Blog 101

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Some of the advantages e commerce has over traditional commerce are the reasons that shopping online has become so popular. If e commerce sounds complicated to you, don?t worry. It?s not a difficult concept at all. E commerce is simply the exchange of goods and services through electronic data transfer. You pay online and either download an electronic item you?ve purchased like a digital book or music, or the physical goods are shipped to you. Almost everyone has used some sort of e commerce. Online auctions like eBay are e commerce, too, but that?s considered C2C or consumer-to-consumer commerce. And if you?ve ever used file-sharing software, whether money changed hands or not, that?s a form of P2P or peer-to-peer e commerce.

The term e commerce has been around a lot longer than eBay or In the days before the Internet when businesses used to exchange information electronically, the term e commerce was born. But only after the invention of the Internet did e commerce become something the average consumer could use.

With more and more people getting online every year, more people discover the convenience of e commerce, so sales are growing right along with increased Internet usage. Most traditional retail stores now have an online presence that accounts for a large percentage of their sales. Even small local Mom & Pop shops often have online stores that allow them to sell electronically, and bring local business into their retail stores. So many people search online and comparison shop before they actually go to a store to purchase an item, that not having an Internet presence makes no sense in today?s marketplace.

The advantages e commerce offers business makes running an online store a highly desirable thing to do. Not only do you show up in Internet searches for your products, if you?ve taken care to make sure your search engineAdvantages E Commerce Offers You rankings are good, but you?ll draw local customers as well as long-distance customers who can order your goods or services online regardless of location.

Advantages e commerce offers the merchant also include the ability to change prices, and even an entire business structure, just by making changes to a website. A merchant can try several different methods of online promotion and marketing, and track each one to see which works best. The ability to quickly adapt to trends and adjust sales efforts is one of the chief advantages e commerce offers over traditional marketing and promotional methods. If a print ad or even television commercial isn?t giving you results, there?s little you can do. But a banner ad online can be changed and tweaked until results are more favorable. Customization is one of the advantages e commerce offers merchants and consumers. Web sites can be designed to offer recommendations based on a customer?s last viewed or purchased items.

The ability to shop without having to stand in line or pay for gasoline is also one of the chief advantages e commerce offers today.

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Lawsuit over Martin Luther King documents thrown out

[ [ [['Witnesses said the gunman pulled up on a black scooter', 7]], '', '[Related: New York police tighten security at Jewish sites]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['test Zimmerman for alcohol or drugs', 11]], '', '[Related: White House says Trayvon Martin is local issue]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['associated with such a small earthquake', 4]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'AP Photo/Carrie Antlfinger', ], [ [['Fox News host Geraldo Rivera sparked outrage', 3]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'AP Photo/John Minchillo', ], [ [['The charges signed against Bales include', 1]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '512', ' ', 'AP Photo/DVIDS\, Spc\. Ryan Hallock\, File', ], [ [['George Zimmerman, if I had a son', 6]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP Photo/John Minchillo', ], [ [['Mohamed Merah', 10], ['prosecutor Francois Molins', 5]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier', ], [ [['Shortly after he wrapped up his victory remarks', 2]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP Photo/Steven Senne', ], [ [['best understands the problems of average Americans', 2]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP Photo/Steven Senne', ], [ [['Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery', 7]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'AFP', ], [ [['xxxxxxxxxxxx', 11]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP', ] ]

[ [ [['point of my campaign is that big ideas matter', 7]], '28712293', '0' ], [ [['As the standoff dragged into a second day', 7]], '28687424', '0' ], [ [['French police stepped up the search', 17]], '28667224', '0' ], [ [['Seeking to elevate his candidacy back to a general', 8]], '28660934', '0' ], [ [['The tragic story of Trayvon Martin', 4]], '28647343', '0' ], [ [['Karzai will get a chance soon to express', 8]], '28630306', '0' ], [ [['powerful storms stretching', 8]], '28493546', '0' ], [ [['basic norm that death is private', 6]], '28413590', '0' ], [ [['songwriter also saw a surge in sales for her debut album', 6]], '28413590', '1', 'Watch music videos from Whitney Houston ', 'on Yahoo! Music', '' ], [ [['keyword', 99999999999999999999999]], 'videoID', '1', 'overwrite-pre-description', 'overwrite-link-string', 'overwrite-link-url' ] ]


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Do not apply for benefits that you are not qualified for

There are people who love taking advantage of services simply because there is a small route that makes it possible for them to do so. The government has however warned on such people that great action will be taken when they are found out therefore if you are in that category then you should take caution. The disability benefit that those who have been enjoying without such rights cause a lot of drama for them, which is why you have to ensure that the condition which you are in allows you to enjoy such benefits without taking advantage and denying the one who has a right to access such services the chance to do so. Only apply for benefits when you have qualified for them to avoid being found on the wrong side of the law.


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Saturday, March 24, 2012

amnesty: #Palestinian hunger striker at risk of death highlights injustice of administrative detention #Israel

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#Palestinian hunger striker at risk of death highlights injustice of administrative detention #Israel amnesty


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Details of Queen Elizabeth II's jubilee released

[ [ [['Witnesses said the gunman pulled up on a black scooter', 7]], '', '[Related: New York police tighten security at Jewish sites]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['test Zimmerman for alcohol or drugs', 11]], '', '[Related: White House says Trayvon Martin is local issue]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['Mohamed Merah', 10]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier', ], [ [['Shortly after he wrapped up his victory remarks', 2]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP Photo/Steven Senne', ], [ [['best understands the problems of average Americans', 2]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP Photo/Steven Senne', ], [ [['Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery', 7]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'AFP', ], [ [['xxxxxxxxxxxx', 11]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP', ] ]

[ [ [['As the standoff dragged into a second day', 7]], '28687424', '0' ], [ [['French police stepped up the search', 17]], '28667224', '0' ], [ [['Seeking to elevate his candidacy back to a general', 8]], '28660934', '0' ], [ [['The tragic story of Trayvon Martin', 4]], '28647343', '0' ], [ [['Karzai will get a chance soon to express', 8]], '28630306', '0' ], [ [['powerful storms stretching', 8]], '28493546', '0' ], [ [['basic norm that death is private', 6]], '28413590', '0' ], [ [['songwriter also saw a surge in sales for her debut album', 6]], '28413590', '1', 'Watch music videos from Whitney Houston ', 'on Yahoo! Music', '' ], [ [['keyword', 99999999999999999999999]], 'videoID', '1', 'overwrite-pre-description', 'overwrite-link-string', 'overwrite-link-url' ] ]


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Friday, March 23, 2012

Foxit Reader 5.1

Before the advent of Adobe Reader X, there were a couple of good reasons to use a substitute for Adobe's PDF reader?it was slow to load and insecure. This inspired a cottage industry of alternate PDF viewers such as Foxit Reader and Nuance PDF Reader. While Foxit was actually a tad faster in my testing than Adobe Reader, the real reason to get this replacement is if your system resources are severely limited, as it takes up considerably less memory and disk space than the Adobe option. To that, Foxit adds a pleasing interface, the ability to share PDFs directly to Facebook or Twitter, and a slew of document markup tools.

Signup and Setup
Foxit is one of the quickest, most lightweight PDF readers when it comes to installation. Unlike Nuance Reader, you don't have to enter an email address and wait for a confirmation email to start the download. The installer download is a mere 14MB, compared with Nuance's 32MB and Adobe's 51MB. Once installed, it also takes up less memory and disk space, at 31MB, compared with 52MB for Nuance and 115MB for Adobe Reader. But even those differences will only matter to those with the most limited system resources.

The first time you run Foxit Reader, its wizard takes you through various customization options?skin theme, history saving, and reading mode (full screen or standard window frames). You can change any of this later, though, from the Preferences menu. One special point of distinction in Foxit's clean, well-designed interface is its use of tabs for multiple document view. There's also less advertising than you see in Nuance PDF Reader.

The interface uses the standard side panel that can switch between showing document page thumbnails, bookmarks, layers, comments, attachments, and signature info. There are no fewer than eleven toolbar sets, including reading, drawing, comments, forms, format and edit. I could turn off the bottom status bar showing page number and viewing options?unlike in Nuance, which always displayed this. You can split the current document into two or four windows, and did I mention that it has tabs for multiple document switching?

Using Foxit Reader
Foxit was able to correctly display the PDF Clown sample complex typesetting PDF's handwriting font, but it failed on a bunch of text on the page, rendering it as gibberish. Nuance PDF Reader couldn't even handle all the handwriting characters, and was able to render even less of the text than Foxit. If you need support for every single PDF trick, Adobe Reader X is your best bet, but most people will be fine with a stand-in like Foxit or Nuance. As with any self-respecting PDF reader, Foxit lets you snap a copy of any images in your document to the clipboard and lets you select text easily.

While Nuance PDF Reader limited me to highlighting, underlining, and crossing out text Foxit offers many more ways to mark up a doc. These include drawing over it with a selection of shapes, arrows, and pencils. I could also add callouts, notes, and typewriter text. Another set of tools actually let me calculate the distance, perimeter, or area of a region I clicked on. This was actually more than I saw in Adobe Reader X.

Though it doesn't have Adobe Reader X's isolating sandbox to protect your system from PDF exploits, Foxit goes beyond Nuance's simple disabling of JavaScript for security. Its Safe reading mode doesn't allow a document to execute any program code without your explicit consent. When I tried opening a link from within a PDF, a dialog box popped up preventing my browser from opening until I allowed the action in the dialog. Foxit also supports Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services for corporate users.

Foxit Reader can verify a document's digital signature, as can Nuance PDF Reader. It can display the name of the signer and validity info in the left panel, as can both competitors. But Adobe Reader X is a much better choice when it comes to digital signatures, since it lets you create your own rather than just verifying those of others.??

In addition to letting you directly email a PDF from the viewer, Foxit also lets you share to Facebook or Twitter, after a login. One disappointment with this was that it didn't simple share the PDF I was viewing, but asked me to specify a file from my hard drive folders. Even after I did this, I received a "Cannot parse response xml" error message. Foxit's Mail button, however, attached whatever document I was reading to a new email in my default client.

Foxit was, by a hair, the fastest PDF viewer of the three I tested recently. I tested by opening the same 9.3MB locally stored PDF file from my hard drive within Firefox in Nuance PDF Reader, Foxit Reader, and Adobe Reader X. I tested both cold (after a reboot) and warm (after the reader had already been run) on a middling-powered laptop with a 2.53GHz dual core CPU and 3GB RAM. Here are my results for how long it took the file to display:

Cold PDF Load (seconds)

Warm PDF Load (seconds)

Adobe Reader X



Foxit Reader 5



Nuance PDF Reader 7



So, as you can see, with the latest version of Adobe Reader, the differences are no longer as stark as they used to be. Foxit does show a slight advantage, but probably not enough to notice on a moderately powerful machine.

Foxit let me tweak printing options considerably: I could choose whether to print the document only or include annotations; fit the content to the page margins; print multiple pages per sheet; or even choose a custom zoom size for the printout. Nuance adds a couple more options here, though: It lets you split large pages over multiple sheets and choose the output's DPI. Adobe Reader X, as you might expect, goes beyond either, letting you set up two-sided printing and choose a booklet format.

The Sly Way to PDF
Foxit Reader is one of the fastest ways to start reading PDFs?fastest to download and install as well as when actually opening documents. It also offers a good number of tools for working with PDFs, such as markup, signature validation, and sharing. It also offers a decent amount of security. But Adobe Reader X has a few advantages: it can display every kind of PDF, including those with complex font options; it offers a sandboxed security model, and lets you create as well as validate digital signatures. If you just want a quick fix for PDFs, Foxit is a fine choice, but for full functionality, you still need Adobe's original.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mexico earthquake: How quake-prone is the region?

Mexico earthquake history shows that the same faults that caused Tuesday's Mexico earthquake can produce even bigger events, like one that struck in 1985.

Authorities in Mexico are surveying that damage following a magnitude 7.4 quake that struck the country just after noon on Tuesday local time.

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The quake was centered some 31 miles north-northeast of the city of Ometepec, in a mountainous region dotted with villages. The rupture occurred at a depth of about 12 miles, according to estimates from the US Geological Survey's Earthquake Information Center in Golden, Colo.

Given the size of the quake, the population density, the types of buildings in the area, and factors affecting the intensity of shaking, analysts at the center said the quake had the potential to cause up to $100 million in damage and lead to as many as 100 fatalities.

So far, however, no deaths or injuries have been reported. But damage estimates are trickling out from the area. Officials in the town of Igualapa told CNN that more than 800 homes have collapsed. In Ometepec, local officials told the network that roughly half of the homes were heavily damaged.

Shaking from the quake, initially estimated at magnitude 7.9, also was felt in Mexico City, some 200 miles away, sending residents into the streets. According to data from the USGS's ?Did You Feel It?? program, people in 14 cities throughout the country and beyond reported that they'd experienced some level of shaking from the temblor. The quake was felt as far away as Guatemala City.

Seismologists have traced the quake to a release of strain associated with a subduction zone that runs up the west coast of Central America and Mexico and stops short of the southern tip of Baja California.

Here, the oceanic crust of the Cocos plate is sliding northeastward under the more buoyant rock of the North American plate ? at a pace of some 60 millimeters a year.

The action of the two plates, along with a tiny plate known as the Rivera plate at the northern end of the subduction zone, is responsible for a chain of volcanoes that have formed across the country mainly along a west-to-east line that runs near Mexico City to within about 70 miles of the country's Gulf coast.

In 1985, a segment of the Cocos-North American subduction zone ruptured off of Acapulco, triggering a magnitude 8.1 quake that flattened apartment buildings in Mexico City, killing some 4,000 people.


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Romney says he's no Etch A Sketch, is conservative

Republican presidential candidate, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum holds an Etch A Sketch during a rally in Mandeville, La., Wednesday, March 21, 2012. (AP Photo/Bill Haber)

Republican presidential candidate, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum holds an Etch A Sketch during a rally in Mandeville, La., Wednesday, March 21, 2012. (AP Photo/Bill Haber)

Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney greets supporters during a campaign stop at an American Legion post in Arbutus, Md., Wednesday, March 21, 2012. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

Republican presidential candidate and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich speaks at Louisiana College in Pineville, La., on Wednesday, March, 21, 2012 during his campaign tour. (AP Photo/The Daily Town Talk, Tia Owens-Powers) NO SALES

(AP) ? Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney tried Wednesday to shake accusations that he's an inconsistent conservative after a top adviser compared the campaign's shift from primary fight to general election to an Etch A Sketch.

When Romney should have been enjoying the spoils of his convincing win in the Illinois primary and a coveted endorsement from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the off-handed comment about the draw, shake and draw again toy put him on the defensive instead.

His Republican rivals and Democrats were positively giddy over the remark, which gave them an opening to resurrect a familiar story line that the former Massachusetts governor will take any position on an issue to get elected.

The episode, likely to dog Romney in the coming days, began when adviser Eric Fehrnstrom was asked on CNN if the extended primary fight might force Romney so far to the right that it would hurt him with moderate voters in the fall.

Fehrnstrom responded: "I think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign. Everything changes. It's almost like an Etch A Sketch. You can kind of shake it up and we start all over again."

Fehrnstrom did not try to take back his words when he was asked to clarify them. He said only that the general election is "a different race, with different candidates, and the main issue now becomes" exclusively President Barack Obama.

Romney has long battled the perception of being a flip-flopper, and to hear one of his most trusted advisers compare the campaign's shift from primary fight to general election to a toy that, when shaken, clears its screen for another image was too good for his critics to pass up.

"My children had Etch A Sketches, they were great for car rides," rival Newt Gingrich, badly trailing Romney in the polls, said in Lake Charles, La. "But you'll notice that their pictures aren't permanent, their pictures aren't locked down. You can redo it any time you want. That's the problem."

"Here's Gov. Romney's staff, they don't even have the decency to wait until they get the nomination to explain to us how they'll sell us out," Gingrich added. "And I think having an Etch A Sketch as your campaign model raises every doubt about where we're going."

Rick Santorum, too, tried to turn Fehrnstrom's comment into an attack line. The former Pennsylvania senator stopped at a toy store in Louisiana to buy one and brought it to a campaign event.

"Gov. Romney's campaign had a real moment of truth today," he told reporters in Kenner, La., after touring a fish processing plant.

"It actually revealed what everybody knew or suspected but now know: Gov. Romney is interested in saying whatever is necessary to win the election and when the game changes, he'll change," Santorum said.

He urged voters in Louisiana, which holds its primary Saturday, to pick a candidate who stands "firmly on the rocks of freedom, not on the sands of an Etch A Sketch toy."

Democrats released a web video mocking Fehrnstrom.

Meanwhile, at a town hall-style meeting at an American Legion post near Baltimore, Romney said nothing about the dustup. But he changed his mind and, after the event, tried to put to rest questions about his changed positions on such issues as abortion and gay rights. He opposes both, after having supported them in the past.

"The issues I'm running on will be exactly the same," Romney said. "I'm running as a conservative Republican. I was a conservative governor. I will be running as a conservative Republican nominee ? hopefully, nominee at that point. The policies and the positions are the same."

As reporters arrived for the event, Santorum's national press secretary, Alice Stewart, handed them miniature Etch A Sketches ? a sign that the toy will likely remain part of the campaign longer than any doodle sketched on its screen.


Associated Press writer Jim Kuhnhenn in Kenner, La., contributed to this report.

Associated Press


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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I want to work with people with eating disorders? - HY Mall Health Blog

Most of my life I?ve lived with an eating disorder but I am better now. I am trying to figure out what to do with my life. I?ve been in school for three years majoring in health science. I decided I want to work with patients with eating disorders. I am not sure what to do. I don?t want to be in school for ten years. I looked into psychology but I need a lot of chemistry classes for that and I am terrible and chemistry and science related fields.

I?m almost 21 and really need to decide what I want to do but I have no idea :/

What about becoming a dietician?

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Look Your Best With Just A Few Tips ? Beauty, Health and Fitness

Beauty is often described as subjective, but there are some improvements you can make that will impress almost everyone. The products you choose affect how beautiful you appear. Looking beautiful is also a reflection of your attitude. This article has a cartload of beauty tips you need to read!

As a man, your hair is essential to your looks. Conditioner is not an option.

By using rosewater or cucumbers you can rid of the dreaded dark circles under your eyes. These are natural treatments that will lighten and cool your skin. Simply dip a couple of soft cotton pads in rosewater or cucumber juice, and place each upon closed eyes for approximately 15 minutes.

This can cause you a lot of problems because your follicles are open at that time. If you do not wait, you could incur intense irritations. This is the same reason you should wait to apply scented products to sugared or waxed skin; they cause irritation that is difficult to soothe.

Vitamin E is a helpful natural remedy to have on hand. It can serve many different purposes. Vitamin E will keep your skin silky smooth. Also, you can apply it to your nails to prevent your cuticles from getting rough.

A trip to the day spa can benefit your health and beauty in many ways. This will help you relax and you will have professional help you take care of your body. A spa day is wonderful for the skin and also the spirit.

Always display confidence. It?s important that you are confident in yourself so that you feel beautiful. When people look at you, they can instantly tell whether or not you are confident.

Create an alcohol free, all natural mouthwash by mixing peppermint oil with purified water. For every ounce of water you use, put in one drop of the peppermint oil. Start by boiling the water, and pour the oil drops into a ceramic container. The next step is to add the boiling water. Place a clean cloth or towel over the container while cooling the mouthwash. Pour the final mixture into a bottle. Make sure the bottle can be tightly closed. Now you have homemade mouthwash!

When you are applying foundation, be sure to prep your skin adequately first. Your foundation should work along with the moisturizers and toners that you use on your skin. I is important to prime you skin before applying moisturizer. Liquid foundation may be somewhat neater, but mineral makeup will last longer with the right base. A good base makeup helps any foundation to look and work better, while protecting and nourishing your skin.

If you use heated styling tools like curling irons, it?s best to use conditioners and other products that are heat-activated. Using heated tools on daily basis can severely harm your hair. Heat-activated products can provide your hair with extra moisture, and help to reverse the damage caused by high temperatures.

Several hours before you go to bed, use a base, two color coats and a clear top coat on your nails. If you make a bit of a mess on your skin, you need not worry. When you wake up and next take a shower, the thick nail polish will easily come off by just peeling or scraping it. This tip should help improve your manicure and pedicure.

Having proper dental care should be included in your beauty routine along with those that are seen as more typical. If your smile looks good, you?ll have more success in dating, job interviews, and general networking. You will have an edge in all that you do if you keep your smile looking great.

Your food choices affect the texture and tone of your skin and hair. Beauty is built from your nutrition first and foremost. Include a variety of nutritious foods in your diet. Load up on whole grains, iron-rich proteins, and foods that contain zinc to maintain strong hair and nails and glowing skin.

Do not put the glue on the lashes; put it on your hand. Get the glue onto the strip of eyelashes by pulling it through the drop of glue on the back of your hand. Getting just the right amount of glue is much easier this way.

Before bed, put a swipe of Vaseline in your eyebrows. The Vaseline will strengthen the hair in your brows, making them look shiny and more noticeable. You should be careful to only apply it to the eyebrows and not your skin, so as to avoid acne outbreaks.

Adding a speck of remover to your nail polish, can make it last a little longer. After shaking the bottle, you will find that you are able to get a little bit more out of the bottle than you would have otherwise. You may find the color to be a tad lighter; however, it shouldn?t affect the color too much.

Make sure that your lip liner matches your lipstick very closely. By choosing a shade that is far too light or dark, you may end up with a ring-like effect around your lips.

If you are new to the world of beauty and cosmetics or have been out of the loop for a while, you can find great advice on any number of top beauty blogs and review sites online. Use advice from bloggers and members who have used your products to save energy, cost, and time for you in regards to your own testing.

Being rough with a towel on your hair can damage its fragile structure, causing it to frizz. Don?t rub your hair dry; instead scrunch it up in the towel. The extra effort will pay off in the long run.

Before you go to bed, apply Vaseline to your feet, slip on a pair of socks and allow the Vaseline to work overnight. Your feet will be soft when morning comes.


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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gout Sniper ? Cure Your Gout Symptoms FAST ... - Health and Fitness

Gout Sniper - Cure Your Gout Symptoms FAST with Gout SniperNever suffer from sporadic, unpredictable gout attacks again leaving you to enjoy life without fear of delayed suffering.

Stop spending all that money on doctor?s appointments and different medications that are designed to simply mask the symptoms of gout not cure it.

My name is Fergal and if you have a few moments to spare I would like to tell you my story about suffering with gout.

I had been suffering from gout on and off for many years. I can think back to times that I should have been either working to pay the bills or spending time enjoying life with my family, but instead I was in agony slumped in a chair wondering how long the pain would last for this time.

During one of my many costly trips to the doctor, I was told that if I didn?t get my gout under control I was certain to suffer from permanent damage to my joints. I was terrified! The doctor was telling me that gout was not only something that I would have to suffer through at that moment, but I was potentially going to have to suffer permanent injuries inflicted by this terrible disease for the rest of my life.

In my frantic effort to find a cure I started going to pain management seminars and other health seminars that were open both to the public and healthcare practitioners.

It was at one of the seminars that I was made aware of this brand new home remedy system that I am going to show you in full detail inside Gout Sniper. I was able to cure my gout symptoms within 3 hours of starting the Gout Sniper home remedy system and I have been able to stay clear of gout attacks ever since.

The Gout Sniper Cure uses safe, natural home remedies using products you would find in your local health food store or supermarket.

Gout Sniper provides you with an extensive 5 step plan for getting rid of your gout as quickly and safely as possible using 5 supermarket purchased items. These new natural home remedies are non invasive and are 100% safe.

Many of the medications that a doctor will prescribe to you for gout have severe side effects. This 5 step plan has zero negative side effects and is still so powerful that in many cases gout is cured within a few hours.

Gout can cause permanent damage to the affected joint area and this damage will affect you for the rest of your life. That is why it is vitally important to treat gout in the safest and most natural way possible. The natural home remedies inside Gout Sniper are safe for anyone to use, yet effective enough to be able to give you fast relief from your gout.

Hi Fergal,thanks for all the trouble you r taking in sending me information regarding gout. Actually I?m asking for it for my mother in law she is the one who is suffering from gout. She is recovering now, thanks to your information. Thanks once again and sorrry for not mailing earlier. All the best for the 6 months trip to USA. Take care, bye. Wilton Gohinho

Your key to getting rid of gout as fast as possible. A 5 step plan to cure your gout as quickly as possible.

Don?t have time to read the guide? If you order today you will also get the added bonus of getting the Gout Sniper Quick Start Guide for audio download so you can have it on CD or MP3.

A detailed guide with everything you need to know about gout inside. From the causes of gout to the secret Gout Sniper home remedies, you will find everything you need, and more, inside the Gout Sniper Guide.

This is the most complete gout audio book you are going to find anywhere. 39 minutes of information on gout and gout cures. With this audio book you will learn everything you need to know to combat gout successfully.

Discover the Healthy Eating Secrets You Can Use to Lose Weight & Feel Better Than You Have in Years ? Without Starving Yourself or Giving Up Your Favorite Foods!

I am so confident that Gout Sniper will work for you that I am going to give you a 100%, 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee should you be unhappy with the product for any reason whatsoever.

As I have said before, I was once a gout sufferer too. I know how it feels to be stuck inside on the couch when you should be at work or having to miss different events that your friends and family are able to attend.

That is why I am selling this formula for so little and it is also why I am selling this online instead of by book. Selling online means I can reach a much wider variety of people, from America to Albania and from Iceland to India I am trying to make gout a thing that people no longer have to worry about in their day-to-day lives.

I have also made the cost of Gout Sniper less than a single doctor?s appointment so purchasing Gout Sniper really is a no-brainer.

The cost is $37. That is only a fraction of the cost of a single doctor?s visit and the medications that he would prescribe. The $37 that you pay for Gout Sniper is a fee that you only pay once, but the benefits will stay with you forever. You will be able to download Gout Sniper and all the bonuses immediately after your purchase.

P.S: The methods discussed inside gout sniper are what I have used myself to cure my gout and I have also helped many other people with their gout using these exact same methods. The methods are safe, effective and 100% natural.

In case you?re STILL on the fence about this, I?m going to throw in a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied in anyway, I?ll gladly refund your money?no questions asked! That?s how confident? Read more?

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from your own site.


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Monday, March 19, 2012

'Looper' First Look: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Becomes Bruce Willis

At long last, we have the first look at Rian Johnson's new movie "Looper." The teaser trailer for the film premiered over the weekend at WonderCon, so hopefully that will hit the web soon as well, but until then we can spend our time analyzing the new shots of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a young Bruce [...]


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Adam Savage on the Mythbusters' New Show, Unchained Reaction

Early on, we pitted special effects artists against rocket scientists. And the rocket scientists came up with a switch. It was two pieces of wire stuck in a bowl of distilled water. And nothing happened. But then they had a see-saw above it, and the see-saw dumped a chunk of table salt into the water, which immediately made the water conductive, and contacted the switch and activated the next thing. And that was super fun to watch because while I know that salt water conducts electricity and that distilled water is a very terrible, poor conductor of electricity, I did not know that that reaction could be made to happen so quickly. Both Jamie and I were kind of giggly about it.

That?s really great, because then the show becomes more than a reality competition?people can learn about science, too. Absolutely. And therein lie the keys to the castle. Because you?ve got this structure which has some similarities with MythBusters?people having fun, putting stuff together, working with limitations and working with challenges. When you watch it, you?re actually learning something. You might not realize it, because hopefully it?s entertaining television, but when you go away, perhaps you have another arrow in your quiver for solving problems later on.


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Sunday, March 18, 2012

TUF and Bellator 61: Friday night fights talkback thread

Now that fighters have made it into "The Ultimate Fighter" house, they can start working towards their goal of winning TUF. Their journey starts tonight as the fights will be shown live on FX.

Bellator continues their season by starting the middleweight tournament on MTV2. Standouts to watch include UFC veteran Maiquel Falcao and the arm collector, Giva Santana.

Also tonight, the semifinals of the NCAA Division I wrestling tournament will air on ESPNU and ESPN3. With all of that going on, Cagereaders will have plenty to talk about. Use this post, Facebook or Twitter to discuss everything going on in a "slow" weekend for MMA.


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Friday, March 16, 2012

Does Indeed Your Business See The Importance Of Work ...

Workplace safety factors an important part in almost any work place. Nearly all employees possess the expectation their workplace provides a safe setting for work. It?s the responsibility from the employers so that the security of their employees. They are also answerable for the protection of all people to their office space for instance consumers, suppliers and also the public.
You will have to emphasize your company-wide shared liability for security. Everybody from top rated management to managers and workers must keep the program. They need to understand the need for safety measures along with assist with danger identification research and job threat analysis. This kind of results in sense of employee property of safety issues in the office. Implementation of appropriate measures in manufacturing facilities, dining establishments, offices, construction sites as well as other chicago business signs surroundings isn?t just encouraged, in some situations it?s the rules.
Work, comparable to anywhere else, can be described as a dangerous location if we are not careful. There are numerous potential hazards and dangers which most of us ignore. Additional than that, you will find future pitfalls that we tend to be even if it?s just mindful of. A lot of accidents come about each year that may potentially are actually avoided, had the business considered the correct safety precautions.
Safety products when in conjunction with an in the mall security method create a massive impact in the number of occupational large, accidents, and also illnesses which occur in the area in the workplace. Manufacturing safety solutions save life, improve quality lifestyle, and boost work productivity. Staff which feels safe and sound is really a more happy worker. Satisfied workers are better. Small additions of business stability equipments could mean big increases in attendance plus a decrease in accidents. Companies gain from good industrial stability examination which concentrates on basic safety and efficiency of individuals
Importance of Place of work Safety
Nothing is more important in industrial automation work, in comparison with industrial safety products. Whilst the invention connected with business automation certainly has revealed to be growth in market output, there?s no question in which increased technology telephone calls for increased stability. Everything from particular person industrial security products like mitts and hard truck caps, to all the more general tools such as non-slip physical objects and photo-luminescent objects are extremely crucial for a healthy job.
An additional essential tool for business automation areas are safety-mats. They eliminate the risk of serious and expensive injuries brought on by slipping and falls. There are numerous more such manufacturing tools along with equipments out there to assist this organizations proceed competitive generation while keeping a good environment. It is important would be to shop around and make certain you take advantage of all of them.
Industrial security products are made to be used within just industrial facilities to improve the health along with well being from the workers and also the environment.
Although you may may be a true professional in the job, there are always certain dangers that may still hide inside the place of work. Frequently, place of work safety is neglected since we have a tendency being complacent using tasks we have grown to be extremely at ease with. It truly is vitally important that individuals make use of protection resources and also items.
The many employers employ a ?duty of care? to take care of, as much as possible, the safety and welfare of their employees while they are at the job. Therefore, it is necessary that businesses put into practice appropriate place of work safety measures through the help of workplace safety product companies.


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Eye health is related to brain health

ScienceDaily (Mar. 14, 2012) ? People with mild vascular disease that causes damage to the retina in the eye are more likely to have problems with thinking and memory skills because they may also have vascular disease in the brain, according to a study published in the March 14, 2012, online issue of Neurology?, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

Damage to the retina is called retinopathy. In the study, the damage was mild enough to not cause significant symptoms.

"Problems with the tiny blood vessels in the eye may be a sign that there are also problems with the blood vessels in the brain that can lead to cognitive problems," said study author Mary Haan, DrPH, MPH, of the University of California, San Francisco. "This could be very useful if a simple eye screening could give us an early indication that people might be at risk of problems with their brain health and functioning."

The study involved 511 women with an average age of 69. The women took tests of their thinking and memory skills every year for up to 10 years. Their eye health was tested about four years into the study and scans were taken of their brains about eight years into the study.

A total of 39 women, or 7.6 percent, had retinopathy. The women with retinopathy on average had lower scores on the cognitive tests than the women who did not have retinopathy. The women with retinopathy also had more areas of small vascular damage within the brain, with 47 percent larger volumes of areas of damage than women who did not have retinopathy. In the parietal lobe of the brain, the women with retinopathy had 68 percent larger volumes of areas of damage.

The results remained the same even after adjusting for high blood pressure and diabetes, which can be a factor in vascular issues in the eye and the brain.

On a test of visual acuity, the women with retinopathy had similar scores as the women without the disease.

The study was supported by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and the National Institute on Aging.

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The above story is reprinted from materials provided by American Academy of Neurology (AAN), via Newswise.

Note: Materials may be edited for content and length. For further information, please contact the source cited above.

Journal Reference:

  1. M. Haan et al. Cognitive function and retinal and ischemic brain changes The Women's Health Initiative. Neurology, 2012 DOI: 10.1212/WNL.0b013e31824d9655

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.


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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sands sued in Macau for $375M by ex-partner

(AP) ? Las Vegas Sands Corp., the U.S. gambling company controlled by billionaire Sheldon Adelson, is being sued for $375 million in a Macau court over the way it won a lucrative gaming license in the Asian casino hub.

Asian American Entertainment Corp. claims in a lawsuit that Las Vegas Sands breached its contract by going behind its back to team up with another company to bid for the license.

Asian American is controlled by Taiwanese-American businessman Shi Sheng Hao, also known as Marshall Hao. It's suing Las Vegas Sands for 3 billion patacas ($375 million). The Macau lawsuit follows an earlier one filed in Nevada, which was dismissed.

Jorge Menezes, the Macau lawyer acting for Asian American, said Thursday that Hao "really feels that he was let down by Adelson." He declined to comment on the details of the case.

Macau, which is the only place in China where casino gambling is legal, raked in $33.5 billion in revenue last year from 34 casinos. Macau became the world's most lucrative gambling market after a four-decade casino monopoly was ended in 2002, opening the way for foreign operators to enter the market.

Under the laws of Macau, a former Portuguese colony that's now a semiautonomous region of China, defendants have two months to reply to lawsuits. Menezes said the case will most likely go to trial next year.

Sands China Ltd., which operates the company's three Macau casinos, called Asian American's legal case "meritless."

"The company will vigorously defend the matter in court," it said Thursday in a statement filed to the Hong Kong stock exchange where Sands China is listed.

In late 2001 as Macau prepared to open bids for three casino licenses, Hao thought a Venice-themed resort modeled on the one in Las Vegas would be successful in Macau, according to an English translation of the lawsuit.

Hao teamed up with Las Vegas Sands, which owned the original Venetian resort, and signed a letter of intent with the company in October 2001 to bid for a license.

The suit claims Las Vegas Sands later partnered with another company, Hong Kong-based Galaxy Entertainment, and submitted a proposal for a Venetian-style casino resort that was almost identical to the one filed in its bid with Asian American ? without telling its first partner.

Asian American says Las Vegas Sands "unlawfully and wrongfully appropriated" its casino bid. The company says it didn't learn that Las Vegas Sands had broken off their agreement until Galaxy was announced as one of the winners in February, 2002.

Las Vegas Sands later ended its partnership with Galaxy, which opened its own casino in Macau last year.

The Venetian Macao opened in 2007. Las Vegas Sands' has about a fifth of the gambling market Macau, and Adelson has predicted that rate will rise once it opens a fourth casino next month.

It's not the first time that Las Vegas Sands has been sued over the way it acquired its Macau gambling license. In 2008, Hong Kong businessman Richard Suen, who claimed he helped Las Vegas Sands win the license, won a $43.8 million verdict in a civil lawsuit filed in Nevada against the company. But in 2010 the Nevada Supreme Court ordered a retrial.

In 2009, the company settled another lawsuit for an undisclosed sum with three men who claimed they helped its entry into Macau by pairing it up with Galaxy.

Las Vegas Sands also faces a legal battle with Steven Jacobs, a former chief executive of the Macau properties, who's suing the company and Adelson in a wrongful termination lawsuit.


Online: Sands China statement:


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