Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Obama's family tree connection to first American slave ? In America ...

By Lesa Jansen, CNN

(CNN) - His family tree has been linked to Brad Pitt, Sarah Palin and both Presidents Bush but now President Barack Obama may be related to the first documented African slave in pre-revolutionary America.

Ancestry.com, which bills itself as the world's largest online family history resource, on Monday released research and documents which it says shows the first indentured African American servant is an ancestor of President Obama's mother.

"We have two of the most significant Africans in our country's history being directly related to each other," Joseph Shumway, an Ancestry.com genealogist, told CNN.

Shumway was part of a team of four genealogists who say they worked more than 500 hours to establish the connection between Obama's family and that of John Punch, an indentured servant who was sentenced to a life of slavery after an unsuccessful escape attempt in pre-revolutionary Virginia.

The Ancestry.com researchers found the new connection to the president's African roots through an unlikely link, that of Obama's Caucasian mother.? President Obama's African American roots had previously been tied to his father's Kenyan birth. But as genealogists were pouring through documents tracing Stanley Ann Dunham?s ancestors, they found a connection to the Bunch family which had recently published DNA evidence that they had roots in sub-Saharan Africa.?(see documents here)

Read the full post on CNN's The 1600 Report

Source: http://inamerica.blogs.cnn.com/2012/07/31/obamas-family-tree-connection-to-first-american-slave/

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Lois Paul & Partners moves into GSD&M building - Austin Real Estate

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Source: http://www.affinityproperties.com/wordpress/2012/07/30/lois-paul-partners-moves-into-gsdm-building/

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Irene Chef Rezeption Golf Wellness Hotel Andreus

Irene Chef Rezeption Golf Wellness Hotel Andreus Video - sevenload 02:00

Hochgeladen am 30.07.2012 19:44

Irene Chef Rezeption Golf Wellness Hotel Andreus

Irene ist mit sehr gro?em Engagement, als Chefin der Rezeption t?tig, im Golf Spa Wellness Hotel Andreus, im Passeiertal bei Meran in S?dtirol.

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Source: http://de.sevenload.com/videos/yFZE1Yn-Irene-Chef-Rezeption-Golf-Wellness-Hotel-Andreus

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Splendid Health Combat ? natural herbs ... - Detox and Cleansing

Splendid Health Combat www.splendidhealthcombat.comSplendid Health 30+ years in therapeutic chinese herbs and natural health supplements and natural health products, created for individuals that want to live life to its fullest in our out of the martial arts. Providing superior quality naturopath approved supplements. All of Splendid Health?s & Dr. Nelson?s Products are Made in a GMP, NSF & QAI Certified Manufacturing Facility. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN US AVAILABLE ON ALL PURCHASES except Alaska and Hawaii. Splendid Health is not conventional western medicine, it is the education and use of specialized superior quality nutrition and herbology. Splendid Health does not diagnose or perscribe medications, but assists clients and customers with nutritional information, knowledge, body detoxification and proper nourishment for the body so it can do its own repairing and healing. Splendid Health Combat Natural Supplement Products, energy, bone & joint, weightloss, lean fitness, male muscle growth & repair, female lean, optimize protien & food, greens & probiotic, colon & body detox,stress & anxioty, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, immune system, relieve stress, improve memory, liquid minerals, greens, organic, auto immune, improve eyes, stomach issues, bloating, heartburn, acid reflux, abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, uti, female hormone balance, menstration, arthritis, osteoporosis, healthy kids, increased focus, immune system, fish oils, coral calcium, liquid vitamins ?


Source: http://www.detoxandcleansing.com/splendid-health-combat-natural-herbs-supplements-real-results-testimonials/

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London 2012: Mystery woman gate-crashed team India at opening ceremonies

LONDON?A mysterious woman in red has caused an international incident at the London Olympics.

Indian officials are mystified ? and miffed ? after an unknown young woman managed to march with the country?s athletes and officials during the opening ceremony Friday night.

Games organizers on Sunday downplayed security concerns around the unscripted moment, saying the interloper was a ceremony cast member and had screened before entering the Olympic Park.

Images from Friday?s ceremony showed a young woman in turquoise jeans and a red jacket marching alongside Indian flag bearer Sushil Kumar at the head of the delegation of 40 athletes in bright yellow and navy blue.

TOPIC: Olympics 2012

?We are totally dazed,? Indian press atttache Harpal Singh Bedi said Sunday. ?How can a person without any accreditation walk past??

Indian officials said they had no idea who the woman was. The country?s Deccan Chronicle newspaper said she was likely Madhura Nagendra, a graduate student from the southern city of Bangalore who had been living in London.

The newspaper said she had displayed her Olympic passes on her Facebook page, which used the name Madhura Honey. It said the page was later deactivated.

The case of the ceremony?s mystery woman dominated Indian media?s coverage of the opening of the games.

?Who?s That Girl?? asked the front page of The Hindustan Times.

?Leaky London: Unaccounted presence in march past,? said a headline in the Times of India. The newspaper said the mystery woman had ?brazenly gatecrashed the party, raising security concerns and adding to the anger over India?s blink-and-miss appearance on global TV screens.?

Bedi said India?s acting chef de mission, P.K.M. Raja, had sent games organizers an official letter of complaint about the intrusion.

?I think this is definitely a security lapse,? Bedi said. ?You cannot have flawless security everywhere, but this is not flawless.?

But London organizing chief Sebastian Coe insisted the woman had not posed a threat to the ceremony. He told reporters she was ?a cast member who clearly got slightly over-excited.?

Some 10,000 volunteers performed alongside professional musicians, actors and dancers in director Danny Boyle?s ceremony.

Coe stressed the woman had been screened to get into Olympic Stadium so there had been no security breach.

?Don?t run away with the idea that she walked in off the street,? Coe said.

Coe said games officials ?will have our own discussions? about the incident.

The Associated Press

Source: http://www.thespec.com/news/world/article/770081--london-2012-mystery-woman-gate-crashed-team-india-at-opening-ceremonies

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Starting a Massage Business Could be Easier than you Thought ...

Massage Business for Sale

A health franchise or salon franchise has the potential to be one of the most profitable financial investments anybody can make when it comes to starting their own business, and starting a massage business may be easier than you originally realized. This is because of the value, and growing popularity, of health and fitness in the present day?s culture. Massage is a beneficial treatment that even those on a small budget often ensure they can afford a massage once in a while. People may need a massage for particular muscle tension or just for a general relaxing treat every now and again. This gives any hopeful entrepreneur in this particular market more than enough reason to be assured with the dependability and sustainability of the massage market. Let?s look at some information on starting a massage business and what is required to get started with your own prospering enterprise.

There are two typical ways in which folks start a business in the massage sector One may decide to start a personal venture in the market or buy a business that is a part of a franchise system. Either way is viable and can be profitable when undergone smartly. But there are plenty of benefits of choosing a franchise system when it comes to starting a massage business and finding the right massage business for sale.

New enterprises face plenty of challenges in several areas. These include insufficient working funds, legal compliance, promoting and PR, lack of experience in specific areas, and lack of an overall business plan. When the business is properly promoted, it can resist other problems and grow. Buying the franchise rights will provide solutions to most of the challenges connected with promotion as the franchisor should supply marketing and promotion materials and strategy.

Franchisors also offer assistance in the areas of accounting, operational management, staffing and training. Franchisees can benefit from the already established name of the quality franchise company, so making building a client base much easier.

By taking advantage of massage and salon franchise opportunities, the entrepreneur can duplicate the services of the holding company and other franchisees easily. They will have an in-built support network from the very start, taking much of the strain off that may come with doing it alone and attempting to build a client base from scratch.

Another advantage worth mentioning is that the start up and operational cost of the massage business is relatively low when compared to other businesses. You will need a comfortable facility and reliable and skilled staff, but there is not that much overhead so far as purchasing supplies, at least matched against lots of other enterprises.

When looking to start a massage business with a franchise company, complete your research and find a parent company that provides case studies and testimonials from other franchisee owners. Look at the facts and success of other locations, and do not forget to do lots of market research in the area you want to start your business. When done correctly by the smart entrepreneur, opening a massage business, particularly with a franchise company, could be a profitable and exciting career move.

Source: http://reverbtickets.com/find-tickets/starting-a-massage-business-could-be-easier-than-you-thought-with-franchise-fitness-business-opportunities-near-you

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Home Improvement Dos And Don'ts You Must Know ?

A property is far more than merely a residence this is basically the heart in your life along with a main source of steadiness. We commit considerable time within our property, this is why you should make your house as great as you possibly can.

In home based upgrades your kitchen normally tends to make within the base of the house. Investing in new wooden cupboards together with sparkly new taps plus a marble kitchen counter, can immediately include illumination into an area to make it such a more pleasant place. This will likely also have the property more desirable to other people if you want to sell.

A fantastic tip for those of you with home improvement assignments around the kitchen or bathroom is to ensure that you make sure to turn off water. When working around plumbing or some other drinking water offer it really is totally crucial for you to close water away from to prevent a potential clutter.

For a simple, natural way to fill out scratches inside your hardwood floors, rub a piece of (shelled) walnut in to the scrapes. Bits of flesh from your nut will fill out the damaged spots, even though the skin oils in the nut will help you to hydrate and protect gouged regions, ultimately camouflaging problems.

When preparation your kitchen area, make sure your range and your fridge will not be correct following to each other. Should you established them side-by-area, they may have to be effective too much. You are going to spend energy and have a lot less lifestyle from the kitchen appliances using this type of agreement, nor will perform optimally.

Be sure you get pre and post photographs of any work or improvements you do to your home. You could possibly love to reminisce on each of the hard work and adjustments when it feels like the project as a whole should never be done. Continue to keep photos on your pc or have them published for any scrapbook.

Area dividers are useful for identifying dwelling regions in properties with wide open surface programs. Bought shelving products or folding displays generally work well. Even so, simpler monitors can also be produced quickly dangle fabric solar panels on dowels attached to the roof. Dividers allow privacy and visually split up huge places into areas with specific objective, including pc nooks or exercise areas.

Isn?t making your house enhancement work exciting? As you have experienced in this post, there are tons of methods this can be accomplished without any two techniques or items will produce a similar final results. In addition there are lots of easy to customize alternatives that could deal with your property and finances.

read my blog

Source: http://all-articles-directory.com/home-improvement-dos-and-donts-you-must-know-2/

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Need Home Improvement Advice? Try Out These ... - Energy Efficiency

Do you need home improvement inspiration? Are you also looking for tips on how exactly to make repairs? This article offers up a variety of ideas and inspiration for choosing and undertaking a successful home improvement project.

A steel door can add a very contemporary and practical look to your home. A lot of homeowners who invest in things like steal doors were able to sell their home for more money. Steel doors not only look nice from the curb, but also increase the energy efficiency of a home.

It is important to have your chimney inspected and professionally cleaned on a regular basis. This is especially important when using a wood burning fireplace but even other heat sources work best with a clean chimney. Toxic fumes could build up in your home or a chimney fire could occur.

Some home improvements like adding a deck or painting can add a good bit of value to your home. Decks and porches beckon you to relax and entertain guests.

Getting a new look in your kitchen does not have to involve expensive cabinets or spending large amounts of money. You can make a big change with some paint. You have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to cabinet finishes. Search around online for proper techniques that will help you save money and breathe life into your kitchen.

You don?t need to live in a mansion to own a chandelier. Even some very fancy and very attractive chandeliers can be purchased for well under $500, and they can add over a thousand dollars worth of value to the home. For more brightness, get a lighting fixture with wattage between 200-400.

There?s a simple solution you can employ to deal with hard water. Employ the use of a water softener, which will filter the water. Water softeners take away magnesium and calcium deposits from the water, which may cause the hardness. You can choose from a variety of softeners, including ones which utilize tablets. Find the one that works best for your type of water and your home.

Put some foil on your outlets if you are going to be painting. Aluminum foil is easier to use compared to tape, and it protects your floors from unintentional splatters. Cleanup is easy! Just make sure the paint is completely dry before you take the foil off for recycling.

When you are decorating a room, it is best to use 60/30/10 as a rule. The rule is 60 percent color of dominance, the secondary color should be 30 percent and an accent color should take up 10 percent. Now you?re left with many different options to explore, like how colors contrast, and whether you want a dark or light as your dominant color, etc. Your options are limitless.

Don?t just start painting the inside of your house. Prior to doing that, rub off any debris, dirt and oils that have collected on the baseboards and walls. The paint will stay on better so that you will not have to put on an extra coat or do any touch-ups.

Upgrading your appliances can not only improve your home, but it can help you save money, too. If you upgrade those older appliances to newer energy-saving models, the savings on your utility bills could pay for the upgrade itself over time. Installing appliances usually isn?t too difficult, so this makes it a quick yet effective option for a home improvement project.

Sometimes, you are just not inspired. Perhaps you?ve picked up a few potential projects from this article. Either way, it?s best to approach your project with patience and rational thinking. Project mishaps often create big issues that can temporarily displace you from your dwelling. Use the tips you?ve just read and you are sure to have a great home improvement experience.

Richie Vee, the site?s editor, is the Chief Engineer of one of the largest Platinum LEED buildings in NYC. His extensive engineering experience helps guide consumers through home improvement projects for the average homeowner. Using home solar energy and roofing repair ideas to save them money.

Source: http://www.energyefficiencyconservation.com/need-home-improvement-advice-try-out-these-tips/

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Related sees Brazil as land of real estate opportunity - Miami Herald ...

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Buy Facebook Fans and Raise your Business Sales | PyaarDosti ...

Lets face the facts, nowadays most people are hooked with Facebook, whatever age. Kids, young adults, youths, adults, even older persons too use it.

The nature of Facebook is quite different from other traditional social network sites. Facebook allows business owners to generate their business web page and advertise right now there.

But the basic question for you is ? why are men and women looking for more and more Facebook ?Likes? as well as fans for their websites? The solution for this is that the variety of Facebook represents the popularity with the product/service as well as the company also.

It is sad yet true, that thousands of people are stuck on Facebook for the whole day. Not just that, there are several companies giving hiring people to maintain their Facebook profile, and their professionals continuously promote their products as well as services, as well as building games and apps for their Facebook pages.

Nevertheless, the entire thing can be worthless unless your business page have visitors. As a startup business in Facebook, it is very tough to gather targeted visitors. Due to this is that web development along with social media management businesses offer their providers. Some examples of those solutions are: Buy facebook Fans, acquire guaranteed Facebook, get fans, increase Facebook page pans, need more Facebook fans, get guaranteed fans, and others.

Increase the Popularity of Your organization

By buying Facebook, you attract more visitors to your business web pages. More visitors increase your website/Facebook internet pages popularity. So, in case you are serious about your business, you should considering buying fans to increase your own popularity and have more clients.

Monetising ?Likes?

Millions of people make use of internet for informative purposes. If your web site falls into the ?information? category, you can make some revenue out of your Facebook ?likes?. Your Facebook ?likes? bring outright fresh and targeted prospects towards your website. If you utilize PPC (Pay per Click) advertising and marketing or contextual advertising with your website, your Facebook ?likes? give you an excellent opportunity to produce more revenue.

Including People into Your Organization

If you have an online keep and you intend to sell product on internet, it is crucial for you to know your visitors feedback to improve your merchandise and quality service. To do so, you need the customers? involvement. Today forums and blogs are not enough to collect all your customers feedback, but you can use any Facebook fan page to get customer?s experience and more prospective customers based on your optimistic feedback.

For more information about Buy facebook Fans visit our website.

Source: http://pyaardosti.com/buy-facebook-fans-and-raise-your-business-sales

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Buy Facebook Fans and Enhance your Business Sales

This article has been viewed 13 times.

Let?s face the facts, nowadays so many people are hooked with Facebook, regardless of what age. Kids, teenagers, youths, adults, even senior citizens too use it.

The of Facebook is quite not the same as other traditional social media sites. Facebook allows business owners to create their business web page and advertise there.

But the basic real question is ? why are people looking for more and more Facebook ?Likes? or fans for their websites? A better solution for this is that the quantity of Facebook represents the popularity from the product/service as well as the company as well.

It is sad yet true, that many people are stuck on Facebook for the whole day. Not just that, there are several companies giving hiring people to maintain their Facebook profile, and their pros continuously promote their products and services, as well as developing games and apps for their Facebook pages.

Nonetheless, the entire thing will be worthless unless your organization page have visitors. As a startup firm in Facebook, it is very difficult to gather targeted visitors. For that reason is that web development and social media management organizations offer their companies. Some examples of those companies are: Buy facebook Fans, purchase guaranteed Facebook, get fans, improve Facebook page pans, need more Facebook fans, get guaranteed fans, and many more.

Increase the Popularity of Your Business

By buying Facebook, you attract more visitors to your business pages. More visitors increase your website/Facebook internet pages popularity. So, if you are serious about your business, you should considering buying fans to increase your own popularity and get more clients.

Monetising ?Likes?

Millions of people make use of internet for educational purposes. If your site falls into the ?information? category, you can generate some revenue from a Facebook ?likes?. Your Facebook ?likes? bring just fresh and targeted visitors towards your website. If you work with PPC (Pay per Click) marketing and advertising or contextual advertising inside your website, your Facebook ?likes? provide you with an excellent opportunity to create more revenue.

Regarding People into Your Business

If you have an online shop and you intend to sell product on internet, it is important for you to know your visitors feedback to improve your merchandise and quality program. To do so, you need your own customers? involvement. Nowadays forums and weblogs are not enough to gather all your customers feedback, but you can use any Facebook fan page to get user?s experience and more potential prospects based on your good feedback.

For more information about Buy facebook Likes visit our website.

Source: http://www.article-i.com/computers/accessories/buy-facebook-fans-and-enhance-your-business-sales/

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Is Anything Being Done to Minimize Air Pollution in U.S. National Parks?

national parks, pollution, pollution haze, Arcadia National ParkHAZING NATURE: Pollution haze in some of our national parks, which emanates from urban and industrial centers sometimes hundreds of kilometers away, has been a problem for decades despite a 1977 Congressional order calling for these areas to be free of the unhealthy air plaguing cities. Pictured: haze pollution in Acadia National Park, Maine Image: iStockPhoto

Showcasing more than fifty of the most provocative, original, and significant online essays from 2011, The Best Science Writing Online 2012 will change the way...

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Dear EarthTalk: I was appalled by the pollution haze I saw on a recent visit to Acadia National Park in Maine, and was told by a ranger that it was from smokestacks and tailpipes hundreds of miles away. Is anything being done to clear the air in Acadia and other natural areas where people go to breathe fresh air and enjoy distant unobstructed views??Betty Estason, via e-mail

This pollution haze, which emanates from urban and industrial centers to the south and west, has been a problem at Acadia National Park and elsewhere (e.g. Great Smoky Mountains, Shenandoah and Voyageurs national parks) for decades despite a 1977 Congressional dictum calling for the nation?s greatest natural treasures?known as ?Class 1? areas?to be free of the unhealthy air plaguing cities. The haze is caused when tiny pollution particles absorb and/or scatter sunlight before it reaches the ground, reducing the clarity of what we see. According to the National Park Service (NPS), which is working with other agencies and state governments to help remedy the situation, ?Some types of particles, such as sulfates, scatter more light than others, particularly during humid conditions,? reports the NPS.

Of course, the pollution in the air causing the haze is also not good for our health or the environment. ?Exposure to very small particles in the air has been linked with increased respiratory illness, decreased lung function, and even premature death,? reports the NPS. Also, the most common particles, nitrates and sulfates, contribute to acid rain, which renders some water bodies unsuitable to support aquatic life.

Analysts with the Mid-Atlantic/North East Visibility Union (MANE-VU), a regional planning agency with representation from all Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states as well as two tribes and four federal agencies, calculated that 100 miles in visibility should be the norm throughout these regions but that 40-60 mile visibility is typical today because of pollution. They also warn that haze can reduce visibility to just a few miles at times. The fact that these problems exist in natural areas hundreds of miles from the sources of pollution is particularly troubling to environmentalists, park visitors and seekers of fresh air.

In November 2011 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) agreed to finalize requirements for states to create haze pollution clean-up plans?those first called for in 1977. These plans will require the worst polluters to install ?Best Available Retrofit Technology? (BART) to clean up particulate pollution.

But a recently proposed addendum would allow 28 eastern U.S. states to avoid direct compliance, since they are already required to cut emissions through the Cross State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR). ?While the emission trading program created by CSAPR will result in significant air quality benefits for many eastern states, it will not require some of the most egregious polluters of iconic Class I national landscapes to clean up their pollution to the same level that would be required under BART,? reports the National Parks Conservation Association, which would like to see EPA drop its proposed BART rule exemption.

Readers can do their part by using less energy and making sure some of the power offered by their utilities comes from renewable sources. And stay away from haze-prone locales on humid days when conditions are ripest for the formation of particulate pollution and the negative health effects that can come with it.

CONTACTS: EPA, www.epa.gov/region1/topics/pollutants/haze.html; MANE-VU, www.otcair.org/manevu; National Parks Conservation Association, www.npca.org.

EarthTalk? is written and edited by Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss and is a registered trademark of E - The Environmental Magazine ( www.emagazine.com). Send questions to: earthtalk@emagazine.com. Subscribe: www.emagazine.com/subscribe; Free Trial Issue: www.emagazine.com/trial.

Source: http://rss.sciam.com/click.phdo?i=1a110217792f7097c41666b545877bc9

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UN seeks protection of civilians in DR Congo

The UN refugee agency Friday urged the protection of civilians in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo where government forces and rebels have clashed for four months.

Amid reports of indiscriminate and summary killings of civilians, rape and torture, "tens of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes in Nord Kivu province, many of whom sought safety in neighbouring Uganda and Rwanda," said UNHCR spokesman Andrej Mahecic.

Between April and July 15, aid agencies recorded more than 7,000 such incidents in Nord Kivu, the UNHCR said.

"We fear there may be more cases, where people were unable to speak out ... especially in rape cases," said Mahecic, urging "protection of civilians" caught up in the violence.

In addition to ethnic violence, victims had suffered arbitrary arrests, assaults, looting, extortion, destruction of property and forced labour, he added.

Children arriving in Uganda told the aid agency they were fleeing a recruitment campaign.

Reports said armed men were blocking escape routes for many of those fleeing to Uganda. Similar accounts have been related by arrivals in Rwanda, the UNHCR said.

In total, more than 470,000 Congolese have been displaced in eastern DRC since April: 220,000 in North Kivu, 200,000 in South Kivu and at least 51,000 to neighbouring Uganda (31,600) and Rwanda (19,400).

Congolese soldiers are fighting mutinous soldiers -- Tutsi former rebels who were integrated into the regular army in 2009 as part of a peace deal that followed their failed 2008 offensive on the key DR Congo town of Goma.

They mutinied in April, demanding better pay and the full implementation of the March 23, 2009 peace deal after which they are named.

Kinshasa accuses Kigali of sponsoring the rebellion -- a complaint supported by a UN panel, which said in June that Rwanda was supplying the rebels. Rwanda has repeatedly denied the accusations.

Earlier this month, Congolese President Joseph Kabila and Rwandan President Paul Kagame agreed to deploy a joint task force to neutralise the M23 rebels.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/un-seeks-protection-civilians-dr-congo-001011742.html

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How To Make Money Photographing Other People's Pets | Fstoppers

vicki taufer pet photography

Some of the best advice I?ve heard from successful photographers has been to develop as many means of making money with your photography so you can sustain your income down the road. While pet photography might not be the first area you might consider, Vicki Taufer is here to tell us why it?s a great area to supplement your wedding, family, and portrait businesses. This Thursday through Saturday (July 26-28), creativeLIVE will stream Vicki?s online workshop for free as she shares the ins and outs of a successful pet business.

I?ll go out on a limb and say most of our Fstoppers readers aren?t already actively photographing people?s pets. Vicki?s workshop might persuade you otherwise as she covers everything you need to know about the field of pet photography.

Not sure how to even start a pet portfolio? Vicki will teach you how you can include animals into your family, child and portrait sessions as well as gain free publicity and portfolio images by organizing charity events such as her Dog Days of Summer program. With the challenges facing photographers today, it?s always a good idea to capitalize on other fields of photography that are desirable in your town. Vicki will teach you how how she created a new market for pet photography in her own town, and how YOU can do the same in yours. You can even chat with Vicki live throughout the event.

Vicki will be shooting on location and in the studio, covering lighting and posing, as well as marketing, business, selling the experience, and workflow. Check out the entire 3-day schedule over on creativeLIVE?s sign up page.

vicki taufer pet photography creative live How To Make Money Photographing Other Peoples Pets

Source: http://fstoppers.com/how-to-make-money-photographing-other-peoples-pets

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About 19000 Idahoans to soon get high-speed Internet | Business ...

A new $5.7 million project will give high-speed, broadband Internet access to about 19,000 Idahoans in rural areas, the Federal Communications Commission said.

More than 41 percent of Idaho's rural population ? or about 194,000 people ? don't have access to high-speed Internet. Idaho has the nation's seventh-lowest rate of rural broadband availability, the FCC said in a release.

Frontier Communications Corp. and CenturyLink Inc. will use the $5.7 million to quickly deploy Internet access to unserved customers in 7,300 locations in Idaho, the FCC said. The companies must finish two-thirds of the project within two years and be finished in three years.

The Connect America project in Idaho is part of a national public-private partnership to provide access to 19 million rural Americans by 2020. The program's first phase will provide more than $100 million in public funding, matched by tens of millions of dollars in private funding for projects in 36 states, the FCC said.

Idaho's broadband availability is the worst in Camas, Clark and Teton counties, where the FCC found nobody has access to high-speed Internet.

Ada, Canyon, Gem and Minidoka counties have the highest per-capita access to high-speed Internet, the FCC said.

Source: http://www.idahostatesman.com/2012/07/26/2203251/about-19000-idahoans-to-soon-get.html

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Public School: 10 Reasons it Was Right For a Catholic Mom

by Kathryn on July 25, 2012

It wasn?t until Kathryn invited me to blog on the subject that I gave careful thought to why I chose public school for my children.? It led me to realize that I never had any question whether or not my children would attend public school.? They would.? I did.? My husband did.? Where they would go was a much bigger decision because it would have to be the best.? We spent months scouring the Houston area, looking at data, talking to other parents, visiting neighborhoods until we found what we truly believe is the best district as well as schools in our area.? Not all public schools would be right for us, but where we are now is perfect for our family.

I am writing this post from a unique angle as not only am I a Catholic mother of two (sixth and second grades) attending public school, but I have also been blessed to teach in public schools for the last 10 years.? The responsibility of faith falls squarely on my husband and myself when it comes to the religious education and upbringing of our kids.? While challenging, it puts an ever important purpose on faith in our home and teaching our kids how to personally incorporate their beliefs in school as well their whole lives.? What I have humbly learned as both teacher and parent is while our choice of public school came automatically, we do still continue to choose and love sending our children to public school.

10 Reasons We Continue to Choose Public School

  1. Financial.? This is quite possibly the biggest reason private school never occurred to me when we were moving and looking for that ?perfect school? before our oldest began Kindergarten.? We simply could not afford to pay private school tuition when our firstborn started school.? Even though it could be an option now, our children are thriving with friends, activities and are happy.? Happy kiddos = happy mama.
  2. Neighborhood friends.? Even when I taught at a different school than my home zoned school, my husband and I felt very strongly about our children going to their home school so they could have friends that lived near them and even ride the bus once in a while.? Nearby friends give us that small town community feeling and we love it.
  3. Diversity.? While I do constantly worry about what my children may see, hear or learn from other children who come from families with different beliefs or expectations, I truly believe these differences also offer wonderful learning opportunities and discussions for us.? For example, my daughter was having difficulty with a student in her class being mean to her.? One day I asked her about it and she told me the girl was absent, most likely because she missed the bus.? It gave us an opportunity to talk about how sad it must be that even if the child missed the bus she had no one to take her to school and we were able to talk about what her home life may be like and link it to why she may be lashing out at my daughter.? It also resulted in my daughter adding that child to her evening prayers. ?It also gives my children experiences I may not be able to give them, such as attending church with a friend of another faith or eating dinner at a friend?s house whose family speaks another language.? The exposure to different faiths and cultures leads to acceptance and appreciation that our way isn?t the only way.
  4. Special education.? I am fortunate and blessed to have kids who are strong students and love school (for now!) and find it easy (also for now!), however not all children do.? I have absolutely adored watching both of my children embrace the children in their classes and school with such empathy and understanding.? I truly feel the understanding of others? special needs is crucial in our world.? Public schools are equipped to serve children with disabilities and tailor their education plan just right for them.
  5. Real world.? I think public education is a great way to prepare children for dealing with all walks of life, be it at the grocery store, The Nutcracker Ballet, an airport or the zoo.? Going to school with peers who have more or less and of different backgrounds gives my kids knowledge as well as sensitivity to those real life experiences.
  6. Curriculum.? Public schools have to follow state guidelines on what our children learn.? With technology, our school has given me a wealth of resources as a parent to not only stay informed with what my children are learning, but also resources to encourage, reinforce and enrich these subjects.? We are also able to check our children?s grades and schedules online.
  7. Continuity.? Due to the state having required curriculum and expectations, I feel confident if we were to move anywhere in the state, our children?s learning would stay on track.
  8. Extra-curricular activities.? Our elementary school offers a wide range of activities including chess club, Name That Book, Fit Girls, Student Council, Cup Stacking, Choir, Music Memory, Destination Imagination, Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts, just to name a few.? There are even more to choose from in middle and high school.
  9. Positive atmosphere.? We absolutely LOVE our school.? It is exemplary in ways far beyond testing scores.? From school fundraisers at Orange Leaf and Sonic and the annual Family Fun Fest to book fair, author visits, teacher websites, communication, technology and activities.? As a family, we could not be more pleased.
  10. Us.? Our parents raised both of us in loving, Catholic homes and sent us to public school.? We took after their lead, as not any public school would do for us and both of our families moved to different homes so that we could attend specific schools.? Our education has played a large part in the successes of my hubby and me in every role we play: husband, wife, mother, father, friend, teacher, techno-geek.?? Our faith and upbringing has led us to continue to choose to send our children to public school and as of right now, we wouldn?t have it any other way.


Source: http://teamwhitaker.org/2012/07/hdydi-part-2-why-public-school-is-right-for-us/

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Auto Insurance Florida ? riotfest.net

Auto Insurance Florida

How do you find low-cost automotive insurance in FL? Are you attempting to find cheap automobile insurance coverage in Florida? Cheap insurance policies is accessible in FL ? you just have to know where abouts to look. Here\?s exactly where to find it.


Visit an Insurance plan Comparability Website ? Feel you do not have time to store around for affordable automotive insurance, so you may just at the same time renew together with your very same corporation? Feel again!


The web makes shopping for cheap automobile insurance policies in FL fast and effortless. All you have to do is visit an car insurance comparison site and fill out one effortless form. You will soon have quotes from multiple A-rated automotive insurance companies. You may compare the quotes and opt for the perfect vehicle insurance on the cheapest value.


If you may have questions about your vehicle insurance plan, the very best insurance plan comparison internet sites even have an on the net chat feature, allowing you to get quick and accurate answers from insurance plan pros.

(See link below.)


Keep Your Insurance policy Prices Down:


As you comparison shop for reasonable auto insurance policies in FL, follow these ideas to keep your fees down:


- Choose what protection quantities you need. Go to the Florida Department of Insurance policies web site (fldfs.com) to discover what the current minimum needs are for FL.


- If your vehicle is over 5 years old, look at dropping your extensive and collision protection. If you do want comprehensive and collision coverage, set your deductible as high as it is possible to afford.

The higher you set your deductible, the lower your premium will be.


You\?ll also wish to be certain you get any reductions you qualify for. Most insurance companies offer discounts for


- Anti-theft devices on your car.


- Safety devices on your vehicle, which include automatic seat belts and airbags.


- Multi-policy, when you have life or property insurance with the very same firm.


Ask the insurance plan pros on the insurance policies comparability site if there are other discount rates you might qualify for.

Source: http://riotfest.net/737/auto-insurance-florida-2

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Obama Was Right: The Government Invented the Internet

Suddenly, though, the government?s role in the Internet?s creation is being cast into doubt. ?It?s an urban legend that the government launched the Internet,? Gordon Crovitz, the former publisher of the Wall Street Journal, argued Monday in a widely linked Journal op-ed. Instead, Crovitz believes that ?full credit? for the Internet?s creation ought to go to Xerox, whose Silicon Valley research facility, Xerox PARC, created the Ethernet networking standard as well as the first graphical computer (famously the inspiration for Apple?s Mac). According to Crovitz, not only did the government not create the Internet, it slowed its arrival?that researchers were hassled by ?bureaucrats? who stymied the network?s success.

Source: http://feeds.slate.com/click.phdo?i=d0be25df9d0057e6a4abc25384d3458f

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Before the legal fiasco began, Google warned Samsung not to copy ...

July 25, 2012 at 3:54 pm


In February 2010, Google told Samsung that Samsung?s ?P1? and ?P3? tablets (Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1) were ?too similar? to the iPad and demanded ?distinguishable design vis-?-vis the iPad for the P3.?

Now look where Samsung is. Also, perhaps Google should have listened to its own advice.?

On a related note,?Bloomberg?reported?earlier this afternoon that Apple will present to jurors that Samsung destroyed email evidence that was going to be apart of the trial set to begin July 30th. It will all be interesting, as Apple is seeking?$2.53 billion in damages from Samsung. Stay tuned! [Bloomberg]

Source: http://9to5mac.com/2012/07/25/before-the-legal-fiasco-began-google-warned-samsung-not-to-copy-apple/

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Attorney General orders sweeping reforms for New Orleans police

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday placed the New Orleans Police Department, which has been accused of widespread abuses, under the scrutiny of a federal monitor for at least four years.

Holder issued a sweeping decree that he said resulted from "one of the most extensive investigations" of a law enforcement agency the Justice Department has ever conducted.

"This agreement is the most widespread, wide-ranging in the department's history," he said during a downtown New Orleans press conference where he was joined by city officials.

The 170-page agreement, which must receive federal court approval before it can be finalized, resulted from months of negotiations between the federal government and New Orleans officials.

City officials have expected the decree since April 2011, when the Justice Department released a scathing report on the policies and actions of local police, identifying practices ranging from discriminatory searches to excessive use of force.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu - who invited federal scrutiny of local police shortly after taking office in 2010 - and Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas both said they welcome the order.

"Making our city safe is my top priority," Landrieu said.

The resulting "partnership" with the federal government "is what will allow true change to take hold" in the city's ongoing struggle against a persistently high murder rate, the mayor said.

New Orleans recorded 199 murders last year and could match that total in 2012. Homicides total 113 so far this year, a police spokesman said Tuesday.

Serpas said that the police department last year began implementing some of the reforms mandated in the order.

"I am confident we will succeed," he said. "This police department will not let this community down and we will not let one another down."

The Justice Department's 2011 report cited dozens of problems in New Orleans police training, recruiting, supervision and interrogation practices, and identified "a troubling racial disparity" in the use of force.

Increased federal attention to the city's problems helped produce more than a dozen convictions during the past year in a series of federal civil rights cases in which local police officers were charged with killing unarmed civilians and covering up the crimes during the violent aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The New Orleans consent decree is the latest in a string of such orders the federal government has imposed on police departments in cities including Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Los Angeles, to provide blueprints for reform. Failure to comply could subject a city to contempt of court charges and possible penalties.

The order, in the form of a lawsuit by the United States against the City of New Orleans, alleges that police have routinely violated citizens' constitutional rights and engaged "in a pattern or practice of intentional discriminatory conduct."

The order requires the police department to conduct use-of-force training; improve investigations of officer-involved shootings; make Spanish and Vietnamese translators available to handle emergency calls; and improve investigation of sexual assaults and domestic violence.

(Editing by Corrie MacLaggan, Jackie Frank and Lisa Shumaker)

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/attorney-general-orders-sweeping-reforms-orleans-police-231756919.html

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New Forms Of Income From The Internet: Making Some Cash From ...

You may have heard about people selling e-books in the internet. Some e-books can even be about how to make money online. However, people today have become more practical when it comes to things like this. E-books are not only going out of style, but it just doesn?t have the potential to make you money like it did before. Today, you may want to take a look at new forms of income from the internet that will surely make you some cash on a regular basis.

You have to consider that trends come and go. Some trends may last a little longer, but sooner or later, people will get tired of it and look for another product to buy. This is the same with businesses and online businesses. If you want to make money from the internet, then you have to remember that you need to be updated about the different kinds of online businesses as everyday, something new always pops up and few of those businesses succeed and most fails.

One online business that you can always try is affiliate marketing. Although affiliate marketing is not entirely new, you have to consider that this is one online business that has a high success rate for people to make money. Through affiliate marketing, some online marketers have become very rich to the point that they see affiliate marketing as a full time career instead of just a way to earn some extra cash.

Another great online business is by becoming a web content writer. You have to remember that some people in the online business world will need articles about anything and everything. If you have a knack for writing and is good at researching and getting the gist out of any topic, you can become a very good writer.

You will be surprised to know that there are a lot of affiliate marketers out there that pays good money on writers to write contents for their websites.

Another great online business is by becoming an outsourced customer support service personnel. All you need is a computer with an active internet connection and a headset with microphone. Most companies today are now outsourcing their customer support services. This is to save time and also office space. You will be surprised as to how many people today are now working right in the comforts of their own homes as call center agents.

As you can see, there are a lot of great online businesses that you can try out to make some extra cash. Whether it is a part time job or a full time career, you can be sure that you will be able to find the right kind of online business that can earn you money.

The key to finding a good online business is by thoroughly researching for it. Try to know what people are in to nowadays and also try to be creative. There are so many possibilities in the internet that you can think of infinite forms of businesses to start.

These are just some of the new forms of income from the internet. By just keeping your eyes and mind open, you can be sure that you will find the right online business that can really earn you some cash.

Tags: How To Make Money From Home, How you make money online, To Make Money, What To Make Money

Source: http://www.guruetteonthenet.com/wp/?p=12185

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Big Blue on Parade

<embed src="http://ny-bath.static.ghm.zope.net/resources/deep_dish/flash/flv_player.swf" width="425" height="350" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" flashvars="file=http://www.steubencourier.com/archive/x306451094/Big-Blue-on-Parade/normalflv.flv&image=http://d2om8tvz4lgco4.cloudfront.net/archive/x306451092/g14000000000000000074bfb8e7866d2e1ec0f5b87972fe2a76e82c748c.jpg&plugins=gapro-1&gapro.accountid="></embed>

Source: http://www.steubencourier.com/homepage/x306451094/Big-Blue-on-Parade

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U.S. blacks, gay and straight, have biggest struggle with HIV

CHICAGO/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - As a gay black man growing up in Chicago's infamous Cabrini Green public housing project, Arick Buckles knows first-hand how the stigma of HIV can keep people infected with the virus from seeking treatment.

It took him six years after he tested positive for the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, to get care. By then, Buckles was frail and wore turtleneck sweaters to hide his severely swollen lymph nodes.

"I didn't want to accept it was the HIV that was disfiguring my face, my neck. It was visible," Buckles said. He finally sought care after suffering pneumocystis pneumonia, a lung infection that strikes HIV patients as their immune systems weaken.

The predominantly black housing project where Buckles grew up was such a hub of crime and poverty that the city tore it down several years ago.

"We thought growing up in Cabrini Green that it was a gay disease. If I were to disclose my status, I felt my homosexuality would be outed," said Buckles, 40, who was so fearful of that prospect that he kept his HIV status, and his sexual orientation, in the closet.

"It's looked upon as disgraceful" in the black community, he said.

Buckles' tale is still too common, despite widespread U.S. efforts to foster awareness of the virus that causes AIDS and its treatment over the last three decades, says Dr. Kevin Fenton, director of the National Center for HIV/AIDS Prevention at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

"Stigma is a huge issue," Fenton said. It can keep people from getting tested, and for those who know they are HIV positive, it can keep them from getting the treatment they need.

He said stigma affects a broad swath of communities in different forms, but for many blacks in America, it exists on top of poverty, poor access to treatment and poor outreach for effective prevention services.

HIV transmission rates have fallen from 130,000 new infections per year during the epidemic's peak in the mid-1980s to 50,000 a year, a level little changed since the mid-1990s.

Part of the problem is that many Americans are infected and do not know it. Of the estimated 1.1 million Americans living with HIV, nearly one in five of those individuals remain undiagnosed.

Up to 44 percent of new infections are clustered in 12 major cities, including Chicago, Washington, New York and Los Angeles, CDC data show. Within these communities, HIV rates are highest among blacks, Hispanics and gay and bisexual men of all races.

CDC researchers will present the latest U.S. data this week at the International AIDS Society's AIDS 2012 conference in Washington, where scientists will gather to discuss better ways to prevent, treat and seek a cure for the disease.


According to a report released last week by the Black AIDS Institute, black gay and bisexual men make up one in 500 Americans overall, but account for one in four new HIV infections in the United States.

It found that by the time a black gay man reaches 25, he has a one in four chance of being infected with HIV. By age 40, he has a 60 percent chance of being infected.

Fenton said there is nothing unique about blacks that make them more vulnerable to HIV infection. Once higher infection rates are seen in a community, the chances of new members becoming infected are simply higher.

"What we believe is that the infection is becoming concentrated in these minority groups as a reflection of the social and structural drivers of health inequalities overall," he said.

A CDC study published on Friday in the Lancet medical journal found that black men who have sex with men in the United States are 72 times more likely than the general population to be HIV-positive.

HIV-positive gay and bisexual black men in the United States are 22 percent less likely than other HIV-positive gay and bisexual men to get treatment, the team said. They are also less likely to have health insurance, which is key because HIV drugs lower the amount of virus in the body and can significantly reduce the risk of transmission.

Lack of access is just part of the story in the African American communities Buckles now serves as an outreach worker at Chicago House, a social service agency that provides housing and support services to HIV-affected and at-risk families.

"We figure if we get these people housed, they are able to address their HIV status," he said.


In Washington, a city with one of the highest infection rates in the country, CDC has been working with local health officials to increase testing.

Local health officials launched an HIV screening program in 2006 that expands testing to places like the department of motor vehicles, where individuals can get tested while they wait for a driver's license.

Since its start in 2006, HIV testing in Washington is up 400 percent, rising from fewer than 30,000 tests in 2006 to 122,000 in 2011.

At United Medical Center in the predominantly black, southeast part of the nation's capital, nurses saw they needed to reach a wide range of people who ordinarily may not get tested. They began offering free HIV testing through the center's emergency room 24 hours a day.

Patients get immediate results and those who test positive are connected with care before leaving.

Donna Landers, a 47-year-old grandmother, sought emergency care at the clinic for abdominal pain in October and agreed to have an HIV test as well. She had a negative test just two months earlier, so her positive result was a shock.

"I was stunned," said Landers, who is black. She believes she got the virus from her husband.

Although she felt quickly embraced by the clinic's staff, many others judge her, including some relatives, Landers said.

"My sister used to hug me; now she don't."

Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick, who sees patients at the center after they are diagnosed, said more doctors need to make testing routine, especially in the black community.

"There's no reason why I should test someone for diabetes and high cholesterol and not HIV," she said.

Fitzpatrick, who is black, said many of her patients have full-blown AIDS because they've avoided or delayed treatment. She sees religious influences making many people in the black community wary of discussing HIV and sex. They consider it a gay-only issue.

And the young gay men she sees are so convinced they will get HIV anyway that "they're not terribly concerned about it."

(For a graphic, see http://link.reuters.com/quf59s)

In New York, a group of mostly black, gay and HIV-positive men is trying to break the silence by handing out condoms and trying to educate other young gay men at risk.

Sexy With A Goal, or SWAG, is an affiliate of the AIDS Service Center of New York City. The group hopes its efforts will help young men understand "safer sex is sexy."


The CDC just launched a new national campaign aimed at overcoming the stigma called "Let's Stop HIV Together." Ads start running this week in six cities heavily affected by HIV, with others to be added later.

Other federal efforts may help. The Food and Drug Administration this month approved the first at-home HIV test that some experts say may help reach people who don't want to be seen at a clinic.

In June, CDC launched a two-year pilot program to offer HIV testing in community pharmacies and retail clinics in 12 urban areas and 12 rural areas with high rates of HIV and low access to testing.

Researchers are also trying new tactics. One new study funded by the National Institutes of Health offers gift cards to patients who follow-up a positive HIV test result with treatment and continue to take their medications.

Wafaa El-Sadr of Columbia University in New York City, who is leading the trial, said it's not yet clear if financial incentives will work, but they are willing to try new approaches if it helps patients follow through.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at NIH, said researchers do not know enough about how to reach those most at risk.

"They're still, relatively speaking, a disenfranchised population. Many of them are in inner cities; many of them don't have access to healthcare," he said.

Dr. David Malebranche of Emory University School of Medicine treats HIV/AIDS patients from a predominately black neighborhood in Atlanta. Researchers are just starting to understand that ending America's HIV crisis will mean addressing the same lack of healthcare access that puts blacks at higher risk for heart disease and diabetes, he said.

"We're realizing it's not just unprotected sex by itself. When you compare people of different genders, ages, races and sexual orientation, rates of unprotected sex are pretty comparable. So it's got to be something more."

(Editing by Michele Gershberg and Eric Beech)

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/u-blacks-gay-straight-biggest-struggle-hiv-050144772.html

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