Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dan Cleary replied to Lynne's discussion Looking for recommendations on sports hypnosis training

Hello folks.. I've recently taken Craig Sigi's Sports Hypnosis digital training and in my opinion, it's phenomenal!? Here's why:

Very comprehensive - many hours of video training

Very hand-on

Structured step by step.

What I like best is that it's not only about therapy, and also self hyp that you can teach clients

He goes deep into emotions and what they really represent.

Mind you, since I've been very busy with clients and traveling on business for coaching, I'm only into 75% of the material and feel I've come a long ways,

Best of all for me, I gotten some very golden nuggets and use those tips for my present clients whose issues are not sports related at all,? I realize these this valuable info can be used for any issue or challenge your client may have.

I'm excited to see how this will unfold.? I've sponsored a sports event, locally here in Vancouver, British Columbia, in Feb and am thrilled to use this material.? There are expected to be about 300 athletes from BC and Washington plus parents.? Perhaps new doors opening...?

I wish you well on your journey.? I'm sitting in a hotel room as I write this and if you wish to talk further, please contact me at 604 534 6070 or 604 551 4986.? I'm happy to chat further.


Jackie Maclean


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