Friday, January 18, 2013

Self-Heating Drinks and Soups

Have you heard about Hot-Can? It?s a line of self-heating drinks and soups that you can take with you and heat-up on the run!?I was skeptical at first, but I thought that the drinks would definitely come in handy when we go tubing and playing in the snow in Georgia. Hot-Can?s four drinks, Caf? Latte, Mocha, Tea & Hot Chocolate, will heat you up as any cold fronts roll in ? even on the go!hotcanThe self-heating cans REALLY work. I was amazed. In fact, I was so doubtful that I actually heated up two ? one after another ? because I wasn?t sure that the first can was working. But it did. You have to turn the can upside down and push in the bottom button 1/4? to get it started. That was actually the hard part, I used a thick marker to be able to apply enough pressure/force to get it to activate. Then you shake the can for 30 seconds.

Next, you wait. This is when I thought my first can wasn?t heating, so I tried a second can. But after a few minutes it was definitely warm, then hot. And the can has a little image on the side to let you know when it?s too hot and when it?s safer to open. Be careful when opening your drink. It did have some liquid pop out and spray me and my iPhone when I first popped the top. You have to remove the black plastic, comes right up, before popping the top.

I tried the Hot Chocolate and the Cafe Mocha. For my tastes, the Hot Chocolate just didn?t taste yum. Especially after a winter of Starbucks and Dunkin? Donuts Mint Hot Chocolates. Those are THE BEST. But the Cafe Mocha WAS GOOD! Nom Nom Nom! Very tasty, without the burned taste that Starbucks has!

I would definitely suggest packing up some Mocha?s when you are shivering during soccer, need an impromptu coffee break or are freezing as you head out to work/school/etc. Hot-Can coffees, teas, cocoas and soups get hot in 3 minutes using an all natural heat process. They fit any on-the-go lifestyle.

To see where you can purchase Hot-Can drinks and soups, visit Where to Buy. Learn more at

TheMomBuzz received samples of Hot-Can drinks to review. This is her honest opinion. Other people may have different experiences with the product.

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