Sunday, February 10, 2013

Script, Sounds, and Scoop: Content Management Systems ...

For this blog, I am going to discuss why content management systems are preferred over traditional web building methods and why they should be considered for websites and the future of the internet.

Having used both web building software and browser based CMS, I can definitely say that first, in my personal opinion that I cannot believe how much simpler and easier building a complex and nice looking site is with a CMS. Not downing on Dreamweaver ( the website building software I used to use) because Dreamweaver definitely fits its purpose and now have available all kinds of plugins that can enhance the features of Dreamweaver.

However, Dreamweaver is code based. And I truthfully, I don?t mind noodling around with code, I find it interesting other than the fact that it can get repetitive at times and somewhat tedious after long intervals, however for me, I think it?s easier to pinpoint problems with a site if you can find the exact code where something is wrong, not exactly the easiest thing in a CMS.

So, to first start off, I guess I should explain what a content management system is or rather give an example of how I understand CMS. The easiest way that I can explain CMS, is like a big? self-organizing filing cabinet. It?s browser based really large database where you can store all your web?s content and have it organized any way that you want. Which I prefer to Dreamweaver, because I like being able to not having to use code all the time. Oh yeah, did I mention that it?s much less code focused than a program like Dreamweaver? It is. Oh yeah.

Well, not that code bothers me, it doesn?t ( see above) but I haven?t had a strong background in coding, (I knew some, but not enough above novice level) and a content management system allows me to bypass alot of the menusha code ( though it is still good to know CSS for stylistic purposes).

Also from a business end, CMSs just make sense. Websites are crucial to a business's success and you need an attractive, working, and current site, to make it in the market. One online company explains the benefits of using CMSs like this, ?"?Business?websites frequently need to perform tasks like upgradation, content management, sales analysis, vistor analysis, etc... A majority of business websites prefer CMS?solutions?thanks to their ease of use and extraordinary features that make these tasks a lot easter. With the help of CMS solutions, online business management has become a lot simpler than it e was ever imagined to be."

What are some of these features you may ask? The plugins available for CMS are almost limitless there are thousands and thousands of them, from shopping cart and online web store plugins to photo and product design, to marketing enhancers, membership logins, security based, newsletters and so so so many more.

One webmaster, Christopher Heung of also describes some time saving, effort saving benefits of switching to a CMS, "?Unlike?an offline web editor, where everything you want done on your site has to be added manually, blogging and CMS software handle things like tagging, categories and a managing a search engine for you.?

-Simply tag your post as having a certain keyword, and a new index page is automatically generated for you with a list of posts that have that particular tag. There's no need to contemplate whether it is worth the effort and time to create a new page for that particular keyword or tag. The software does it for you.?

-Your visitors automatically have the option, if they wish, to check out all the other articles having the same tag. Unlike an offline web editor, where everything you want done on your site has to be added manually, blogging and CMS software handle things like tagging, categories and a managing a search engine for you.?

.-Likewise, adding a search engine to your website is no longer a hassle. In fact, the few popular blog software that I have tried automatically add a search engine for you whether you want it or not.

-The blogging software automatically increases the usability of your website without adding complexity to your job as a webmaster."


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