Saturday, February 16, 2013

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The first step to fitness is indeed getting yourself to the gym as many people even fail to do so. However, you need to do more than just going to the gym to improve your health and life. You need to pursue the most efficient exercises that work the best for you. Thus, you focus should be to make your exercises routine as effective as you can. Most people get stuck with the same routine due to which they fail to get the result that they want from the workouts. This, in turn, decreases their motivation and leaves them bored and uninterested in their workout routine.

As said in our earlier post, the best way to achieve your fitness goals is to confuse your body. Surprised? Yes, it is true! You need to vary things and exercise patterns so that your body does not get used to a particular pattern. The more you can confuse your muscles, the better results you can see with your workouts. The following are some exercises that will kick start your fitness regime if you can mix them up with your present workouts.

Swimming: A simple exercise most of us overlook, swimming is the perfect exercise for your entire body. In fact, it is one of the best exercises that have no adverse effect on your body as there is no need for your joints to bear weight or force while swimming. It is also one of the most calorie intensive exercises that allow your muscles and lungs to work in different ways. You can burn more than 450 calories in 30 minutes depending on your stroke.

Dumbbell Swing: Another great exercise that you can do in the gym is the swing. You can use a dumbbell or a kettlebell for the best hip workout that you can ever imagine. It also helps in every kind of athletic activity. The best way to do the kettlebell/ dumbbell swing is to drive the hips forward as your drive your heels firmly into the ground for getting the best result.

Overhead Squat: Be careful with this exercise as using too much weight in the beginning may actually harm your body. In a wide grip hold an Olympic bar overhead and keep the shoulders squeezed while extending your arms as you enter a squat as well as push back up. Overhead squat will help to improve your flexibility, strength, core strength, balance, and stabilize your shoulders.

Arched Back Pull-Ups: Everyone who is into fitness knows the importance and benefits of pull-ups. Such exercises benefit your entire upper body from your forearms to the backs. Regular pull-ups are the best body weight exercises and arched back pull-up is even more efficient as it works your entire pulling muscles at a time. Use a neutral grip to arch your back for a vertical and horizontal pull in one motion and at the same time it works on your abdominal area. And as you reach top of the pull make sure your chest touches your hands. Your legs and back must be in near-parallel position with the floor.


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