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Why Breathing Technique Is So Important In ... - Gain & Build Muscle

Most novices to weightlifting take for granted the importance of good breathing technique when performing weightlifting exercises.? In fact, breathing technique Photobucketis a greatly overlooked area within weightlifting yet the area in which one can obtain the greatest benefits if done correctly.? Bad breathing technique can have serious health consequences, the worst case scenario being death.? This is not meant to scare you but instead to help you to understand it is not an area to scoff at as taking time to learn how to breathe properly during your workout will prevent you from putting your health at risk.

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Never Hold Your Breath During A Lift

Never hold your breath when lifting a weight as this?shoots up your?blood pressure and puts a lot of stress on your heart.? When you hold your breath in the middle of an exercise you are preventing blood from flowing back to your heart and encouraging a build up in internal pressure which will temporarily?affect your vision as a result of the fluid buildup in your eyes.? The internal pressure might also result in fainting or blacking out.? Therefore, in order to prevent such an occurrence it is?important that you learn about good breathing technique.? It really is quite simple so don?t worry.

How You Should Breathe

The major thing you need to bear in mind is that you should breathe out during the difficult part of an exercise and inhale during the easy part.? For example, when performing the bench press one would exhale on the upward pushing movement and inhale when bringing the bar down to your chest.? When inhaling it?s best that you inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.? During your most difficult exercises you might find it difficult to breathe towards the last reps,?this is why at the beginning you must breathe as much as possible as it will help you to struggle through towards the end.? If you ever become breathless you should take some time to catch your breath as breathlessness is your body telling you it is not able to expel the waste material, so you need to slow down to allow it to do so.

Post?Workout Cool Down Exercises

After an intense workout, cooling down exercises that focus on returning breathing back to normal is necessary since?it allows?your body to expel the waste produced.? It is?best that your workout area be fully ventilated as you will need to do a lot of breathing while working out.? Now that you are informed,?hopefully you will put into practice what you have read to get the best out of your fitness programme.



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