Friday, November 30, 2012

Pet Behavior Questions Answered with Bill Moller of WGN | Steve ...

By Steve Dale, today at 9:11 am

Pet Behavior Questions Answered with Bill Moller of WGN

Pet Talk with Bill Moller of WGN Radio.

Spike O'Dell's dog, Stoney, was posted on Bill's pet page. ?You can send in photos of your pets too ?- Bill and I want to see them, email photos to

I talk about some great ?new pet products for the howlidays, for your own pets, or pets of friends, relatives or neighbors.

As always I try to help out listeners:

- There's the cat who goes number two in the sink. My solutions: See your veterinarian to determine if the issue isn't physical, or at least there's a physical contributing factor. Also, how do the cats get along? Often, cats who go potty up high are seeking a comfortable lookout

- Sibling rivalry, the case of two brothers who don't get along. We know these guys don't get along....The question I reply to is what to do about it.


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