Thursday, November 22, 2012

Problems with getting buyers for homes in winter, ... - Zillow Real ...

Since the real estate market deflated, we're seen a moderate change in the typical "off season" for real estate. I'd like to think of it as Real Estate global warming but I think it's a much less complex answer. Rather than buyers thinking of the market in terms of seasons, they look at 3 important items: 1. Prices, 2. Interest Rates, 3. Inventory. If the price is right, the interest rates are so low that it makes the cost of ownership even lower, and there is a good selection for the buyer to choose from and they don't feel pressured into purchasing something they don't like, then no the winter months probably won't deter a buyer from purchasing your condo. Where about is it in CT? I can let you know if there's anything else in your complex for sale that you would be competing against.



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