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How to Make DIY Autumn Wedding Cermemony Wreaths

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he wedding ceremonies wreath symbolizes eternity. This makes it perfect for couples who shares a commitment to love until the end of time.? Not only that it serves as a symbol but also a beautiful wedding decor. You can hang them on the front door to signify a lovely holiday wedding.

The wedding wreath may look sophisticated but this decorative project is actually so easy to make. You just need a few materials combined with your creativity and then your efforts will result to a lovely wedding wreath.


Create beautiful autumn wreaths for your wedding

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Materials Needed

  • Greenery clippings
  • Flowers and foliage (types and colors depend on the wedding motif)
  • Floral Wire
  • Textural sprigs
  • Butterfly bush buds
  • Wire Cutters/Clippers
  • Water Hats


  1. Pick about three sprigs and layer them all together securely. Attach them using the floral wire and repeat the process until you have at least ten bunches or as you see it necessary. Of course, the larger the wreath, the more bundle is expected.
  2. Make sure to layer a bunch on top of another. The tips of the stems should be overlapped halfway up the stems of the bottom bunch. Then, attach with floral wire. Do this process until bunches are filled and that the garland reached your desired length.
  3. Shaped the garland into a circle. Then, layer the last bunch onto the first. Securely tie it with wire.

Simple tips to create a wedding ceremony wreath

NOTE: If you want a perfectly circular wreath, you can attach the circle on top of a wire and have it as your guide.

  1. After you wired them all together, add textural sprigs randomly throughout. Fasten them with wire.
  2. Put water in the water hats and insert blooms. Fasten the water hats into the greenery to allow the flowers to disperse around the wreath.

You may change the flowers and foliage depending on the theme you agreed. Also, it is important to use fresh items to make it look gorgeous during the wedding day.

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