Friday, March 1, 2013

French-Arabesque Levant Opens - Portland Food and Drink

Levant RestaurantI?m feeling human again, so it?s back to the news! The first thing that caught my eye is the opening of Levant, a restaurant that sounds really interesting. Here is the press release:

A new addition to the Rose City?s burgeoning restaurant scene is Levant, a French-Arabesque restaurant serving representations of Middle Eastern Dishes in the heart of Portland, Oregon.

Located at 2448 East Burnside, Levant is a 50-seat escape with a full bar and open hearth for cooking rich, Middle Eastern Cuisine. Chef-owner Scott Snyder, whose family and culinary history inspired him to open the restaurant, uses his French technical background while cooking with traditional North African and Middle Eastern spices and meats.

A glimpse of what?s in store for future Levant diners: small plates like grilled sweetbreads with pomegranate glaze, marash pepper and an orange and kohlrabi salad excite while larger plates like charmoula marinated sturgeon with farro and a sunchoke pur?e dazzle. A nine-item cocktail menu also highlights Middle Eastern spices and flavors ? with cardamom, sumac, salep, and tumeric making appearances. The wine list offers more than 80 options by the bottle ? ranging from $30 to $130 ?? with five more available by the half-bottle.

For Snyder, the opening of Levant is a journey that?s come full-circle. When young, he developed his taste while spending summers in both the Puget Sound area of Seattle and with his aunt and uncle in Tennessee. Snyder recalls foraging for fresh berries that his grandmother eventually turned into cobbler in the small town of Home, WA. As he grew older, Snyder honed his culinary skills at San Francisco hotspots Jardiniere and Postrio. In Portland, he worked in Wildwood?s kitchen before the opportunity arose for him to start Levant.

Details: Levant is open Tuesday through Saturday from 5-10pm. 2448 East Burnside, Portland 97214. Phone: 503-934-2322.

"I have a wide-range of food experience - working in the restaurant industry on both sides of the house, later in the wine industry, and finally traveling/tasting my way around the world. Whether you agree or disagree, you can always count on my unbiased opinion. I don't take free meals, and the restaurants don't know when, or if, I am coming."


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