Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hello everyone.

Hello everyone, I am TheMysticKnight. There isn't too much information which i am comfortable stating, though i am in my first year of games development and plan on making an RPG as my major project later on in the course. My interest and focus on games are from this genre or setting. While i am not that good or active with text RPs, i am willing to try some (as long as i am not expected to write what feels like a novel length like some can type. Again, not a good text RPer. ^^;)

The reason i joined is for research, may it be selfish a bit or not. I am required to do some research on an audience and have a look at their preferences for my game. I do have a survey which i need people to complete, though the link will be shown when i ask an admin about that. Apart from that i seen a section could help me with some general tips to assist me, so i am going to safely say being active here will benefit me with my project.

As for me personally. I am gamer who takes interest with RPG, adventure and adventure-action games (with First-Person Shooter being a minor interest now.) I see myself as a friendly person as i am able to quickly get back to responses from people without using flame, blame ETC. It feels good to meet new people and friends.

You can also find me on DeviantART, where i will upload drawings either related to my game or unrelated. Feel free to have a look:

Not sure what else to say... Have a nice day!


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