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Are you searching for back pain relief? If you are, you are part of the majority ? actually 70% to 90% of the U.S. population alone has had or will have at least one instance of incapacitating back pain. Every day millions of people are attempting to find answers and solutions to help give them back pain relief. Different versions of back pain, back muscle pain, sciatica, etc. account for hundreds of billions of dollars in lost wages and productivity every year.

What is causing your back pain?

In order to get relief you first will want to know what is causing your back pain. For the most part people don?t know it but gravity is actually the most frequent cause of most forms of back pain ? and the powerful force of gravity is compounded with normal daily routines including walking, running, standing up, and sitting down. These kinds of normal activities, along with any ?abnormal? or ?stress inducing? activities, can result in compression and misalignment of the spine.

Due to this gravity induced, or stress induced ?compression?, the discs in your back are forced to lose moisture, or get dehydrated. The discs in your back are similar to small sponges filled with moisture, and when they are filled with moisture they are really good shock absorbers. However, over time this compression will always come into play and drive that moisture out of your discs, which results in the pinching of nerves, decreased flexibility, and misalignment of the spine.

This force of gravity is so dominant that you can literally see the results by merely looking in the mirror or taking measurements ? this compression can induce up to two inches of height reduction by the time you hit seventy years old. Still even more alarming, you typically drop about a half an inch of height every single day by the time you go to bed because of compression and dehydration of your discs; and when you get up, after the fluid is restored, you will be back to your normal height.

Taking care of your back really should be treated no differently than brushing your teeth or flossing your teeth. The well being of your spine as well as any temporary or permanent back pain relief you are seeking count on it. Exactly how are you able to fight against gravity and compression? Thousands of men and women would definitely agree with the fact that inversion therapy is one of the most effective options to get immediate back pain relief and prevent the negative influences of gravity. Using a Teeter inversion table with an angle of only 20 degrees or as much as ninety degrees for just a few minutes definitely will encourage the spine to realign and the weight bearing joints to decompress, rehydrate and revitalize.

There are large numbers of studies being released that are showing promising alternatives to surgery, mechanical traction, and other invasive treatment methods. A preliminary study released by the Newcastle University in England showed that patients who used a Teeter over a period of time were 70.5% less likely to require back surgery for Sciatica than patients who applied more general types of physical therapy. Another study by F. Sheffield, addressed 175 patients who were unable to work because of back pain. After just eight inversion therapy treatments 155 of those patients were able to return to their jobs full time ? that?s 89% of the tested patients.

Using a Teeter is a gentle, passive way to target back pain, take care of your weight bearing joints, and give you that back pain relief you may be desperately in search of. This progressive type of traction enables each joint to be decompressed by the same weight that compresses it when standing up, or in an upright position. This ?reverse loading? encourages blood flow, fluid and nutrition into the soft tissue of the joints, increasing shock absorption and lubrication. Inverted decompression creates an ideal stretch that targets back pain by assisting to: rehydrate the discs, reduce nerve pressure, realign the spine, and relax tense muscles.

For additional information about the various types of inversion products Teeter has created for back pain relief please take the time to look through our site and discover more about the great benefits of inversion.

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