Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Microsoft's Switch to Windows Phone app for Android attempts to prove you're not missing out

STUB Microsoft's Switch to Windows Phone app for Android attempts to prove your not missing out

Ever since its launch, Windows Phone has faced criticism for lacking a broad app selection compared with its main mobile OS competitors. Microsoft is out to convince users otherwise, and in a rather cheeky move, has launched the Switch to Windows Phone app for Android. Available now on the Google Play store, the app takes note of all the software currently on your Android handset and sends those details to SkyDrive. Add that SkyDrive account on a WP8 device, and you'll be offered official WP8 apps which correspond to the ones found on your Android phone, or apps that match up best if official versions aren't available. Microsoft has also taken this opportunity to launch a new ad campaign (embedded after the break) pumping itself up as a sensible alternative to the Android / iOS battles, timed perfectly to arrive with this app. Assuming you have the requisite devices handy, hit the source links to install the software and let us know how good it is at finding a match.

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Via: AVForums, WinBeta

Source: Google Play, Windows Phone Store


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