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Income Proof - April 2013

If you will remember, I spoke about business and new directions in my last post. ?I spoke about the issues which get me passionate. ?Those very issues which drive me to do better, be better and succeed.

They are the very things which every Entrepreneur strives for every day. ?Well, it was only until I realised what my strengths and passions were, and how I could leverage them in order to finally truly succeed in this online game.

Now don?t misunderstand me when I say this, I have not yet achieved true success in this online game of ours, but I have finally figured out what it is that you need to achieve the success that so many people crave.

If you glance at the graph to the left, you will see my earnings from just one of my campaigns for the first week in April. ?You can see that my earnings are steadily growing and as of yesterday ? Saturday 13th April, they have surpassed $50 per day. ?This is a life changing moment in my business life. ?I have never earned this kind of steady income in this business before.

The most I have earned is from PPC advertising when I spent almost $180 on click costs and generated a little under $4,000 in profit. ?I did that in one week, and believe me, it was an amazing week. ?But it pales in comparison to what I have achieved in the last few weeks. ?And yes, I cheated somewhat, i purchased an existing business that was already making money, but, it has taken me almost two weeks to get the revenue flowing in again, as they had almost completely stopped at one point at the beginning of the month!

forging_success_2I have made some rather brash statements in earlier blog posts regards online business and have come to the conclusion, that it was not the systems that were wrong or faulty, it was my mindset and how I related to those business systems. ?I did not gel with them, so it was a mistake for me to ever get involved with them in the first place. ?You have to wholeheartedly believe in something, believe in it?s worth, believe in the end game, but above all be passionate about what it is that you are doing! ?If you are not, you will fail, as simple as that!

I am an entrepreneur just like any of you who may be reading this blog post, and I am open to any proven and honest business model that has potential and has people of real character involved with it. ?Multiple streams of income is what it is all about. ?The ability to be able to lose one stream of income and still be able to function. ?To not be beholden to one person or company who can cut you loose at a moment?s notice, without so much as a look back, and with that single cut, you lose your entire livelihood!

I for one am tired of living under that kind of permanent shadow. ?I want a life of experience, I want the best for my kids, and unfortunately I cannot get these things by having a job! ?Success though, is not easy to come by, you have to work at it.

I must leave with this: ?If you want something, don?t ever give up, no matter how many times you fail, get up and keep moving forward. ?At some point, as long as you learn from your previous failures, you will begin to succeed, and it is at that point that you should build on your achievements, little by little, they will get bigger and bigger until one day, you suddenly find that you have actually made it and achieved your dreams. ?Do me a favour and check back here often, to see how I am doing with mine?

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