Saturday, September 22, 2012

CSN: Harper 'had no clue' Nats had clinched spot

September 20, 2012, 11:45 pm

Bryce Harper has had an absolute dream of a rookie season. Called up at 19-years-old, the walk-off wins for a first place team, the youngest position player to ever be named an All-Star, and now a distinction that should and likely does mean the most to him: playoff bound.

But as exciting as clinching a playoff berth in your 126th career game should be, Harper said he had absolutely no idea it had happened.


?Everyone started going crazy and I looked at the fireworks and said ?I guess we just did something.? Someone handed me a playoff hat and a playoff shirt and I said ?I guess we are going to the playoffs.??

Now it would seem Harper was just kidding, but he wouldn?t budge and stuck to his story.

?I had no clue. I had no idea,? he said.

?When the guy handed me this shirt, he just handed it to me and I was wondering what it was and it said ?playoffs.? I was just wondering like, ?what happened?? I guess we clinched a playoff berth.?

Harper and the Nats put on shirts that read ?Natitude? and ?Postseason.? He and his teammates made their way back to the locker room for a ?subdued? champagne toast as manager Davey Johnson put it. Harper, however, at just 19 reportedly drank sparkling cider.

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