Saturday, March 10, 2012

Body Piercings Information : Cleaning Nose Piercings

  • baeleekay0420

    H2ocean? or contact solution

  • RinaBoo

    I?ve been using Iodized Sea Salt for the past week and my piercing is just? fine..

  • LadyHannahx

    ?an ugly nose piercing is the worst? that has to be? the best ending to a video :?)

  • lovelyonejanessa

    Ok I have a big bump on my? nose by my ring it is covering up the hole went down and came back up helpppppppp already used almost everything

  • HappiFayce

    Never use rubbing alcohol!!! It gets rid of the white blood cells? necessary for healing. Use antibacterial soap and water. That?s all you need, and it?ll heal perfectly.

  • AsTheDaylightFades

    My friend told me? using salt water can cause infections, from the moisture. She recommended rubbing alcohol

  • MsPori123

    -? great.

  • AaireBabe

    i dont have any? h20cean or sea salt.. what can i clean it with until i get some?

  • omgimborred15

    what if we just used anti bacterial soap is that OK for my nose? piercing?

  • dedude808

    @mistytiana i got a nose stud but they bent it into like a? C shape and its really comfortable:)

  • somuchpink96

    all i use? in h2ocean.

  • SoYahYah

    my nose is turning kind of brown skin (lol) is this normal. I think its dried up blood its surrounding the piercing.

  • xCazza1995x

    shes been on the loopy? pills :D

  • paigebishop

    i think there is? something wrong with mine, i just tried soaking it and it fell out. i just got it on friday. :/ when i put it back in it just comes out slowly? HELP

  • paigebishop

    i think there is something wrong with mine,? i just tried soaking it and it fell out. i just got it on friday. :/ when i put it back in it just comes out slowly? HELP

  • RascalFlattsBaby8908

    @ManLykStryda99 I read while researching nose piercings (before getting mine) the? colored scar could be from the ring you had when it was pierced. If it was something you were allergic to or it had nickel it changes colors. But most said if it had nickel in it. Some say it fades some say it doesn?t it depends on the person.

  • RascalFlattsBaby8908

    Thank you this really helped me, I didn?t know I was supposed to soak it. I was just told wash it in the shower with dial antibactieral soap, and that it had to be non-scented. I don?t think he even said wash inside.?

    Then again I could?ve missed that. So glad I found this. And now I have a use for all that Netti-Pot salt that was left over. :)

  • shiaperson

    Can we? use tab water for the soaking?

  • cups4music

    ?You?re gonna wanna do this???

  • xSadieIsChaosx

    @mistytiana I have the same thing its called a corkscrew ring and it doesnt bother you if you have it set right. I dont know how but mine naturally sits comfortable. except just after i clean it. one of my friends likes the L rings. but i like the corkscrews. And though it seems like it should be uncomfortable, mine is pierced with a 16 g and the corkscrew and i just got mine dont dec. 28th. so id say try the L ring if the corkscrew is? bothering you. Sorry its a long Response, Hope i Helped

  • xSadieIsChaosx

    @mistytiana I have the same thing its called a corkscrew ring and it doesnt bother you if you have it set right. I dont know how but mine naturally sits comfortable. except just after i clean it. one of my friends likes the L rings. but i like? the corkscrews.

  • mistytiana

    I have a question for everyone. what is the most comfortable nose ring. i just got mine done and it?s a bended u shape ring and it pokes the back of my nostril and is really uncomfortable?

  • TheeiLandBoii

    actually the mouth is the dirtiest part of your body hands are the 2nd though?

  • ManLykStryda99

    @ametalcrocadile1 No its like? a Scar, like it?s embedded into my skin :( but people are saying it would fade away eventually

  • ametalcrocadile1

    @ManLykStryda99 Did the piercer mark it with a permament marker. If so it could just be like a prision tattoo (Done by piercing the skin and? applying ink and let to heal) Not much of a big deal. it will probs fade away

  • Emgshred42

    H2OCEAN get it its your bestfreind thats all? you need trust me

  • mariskaq33

    mine is swolen around the? stud and it wont go away its been like maby a week and a half and it bleeds easily ??only if touch

  • EricdrinksOJ

    it apears as if she?s trying to sound like she knows what shes talking about, im not saying? she doesnt but nose peircings arent that complicated just clean them and try not to touch them its good to go

  • KillerMeth

    Hi, i just? got my nose pierced i wanted to know the ratio of water to epsom salt. Can you help me with this please and thank you (:

  • lauren19965

    @TheSmexygurl14 same? damn thing as me -.-

  • TheSmexygurl14

    @singerthatlovesTH i had a little? bump on my nose and a hypertrophic scar inside my nose but its gone on inside nd outside i cant tell if its a zit or another hypertrophic scar?.>.>

  • singerthatlovesTH

    @TheSmexygurl14 same with me ?..? i think?it might still be healed aparently it takes like about a year to? heal

  • angie186177

    i got my nose pierced about a? week ago and is it normal for it still be red?

  • TheSmexygurl14


  • TheSmexygurl14

    I just got my nose done and after I clean it an hour alter? white discharge comes out an hour AFTER I clean it?any advise

  • Niensjuh

    @MarieClaireWho Redness, swelling, and even? a little blood, is pretty normal the first couple of days. :)

  • MarieClaireWho

    Got my nose pierced yesterday, the piercing itself didn?t hurt at all, it hurts a little now though.? Around the stud it?s very red, should it be ?

  • babygirl12107

    Where is? this piercing place at ??
    Because i want to get ma nose pierced so please let me know the address,, :)

  • texassexiimami361

    @chelsea258258 ah i know it? hurt more than my eyebrow

  • chelsea258258

    Gettn my nose pierced was the most painful piercing I?ve had! I sometimes get pimples right next to it so? it?s hard to tell if it something more serious like a keloid

  • m2komgr

    It?s a rather easy process compared? to other things in life? XD Yup.

  • ambrosediva

    @ashlyleeley? i used ice

  • mariahcutie100

    hi when? you clean your nose piercing do you still have to clean it when its done healing

  • ashlyleeley

    i just got mine done? about 13 hours ago, i have very little pain and it is swollen on the inside and very little redness on the outside but i no that is expected so early. but i have work on wednesday and i have to wear a retainer. so what can i do to make the swelling go down so i can put one in.
    my peircer said i can change it within a couple days whats ur apinion?
    she also said to clean it with alcahol and u say not to so now im confused! help plz.
    will peroxide work to clean it?

  • lsutigers2234

    i got mine yesterday!!!?

  • yodigi101

    ok so when? my nose ring hole feels like its closen over thats means its swollen

  • kassidy01

    I was getting out of the shower and I was drying my face with a towel. I pulled away too quickly and it pulled the piercing down!!! It started bleeding so I cleaned up the blood and pushed the piercing back in to where its comfortable but there?s a little slit now at the bottom of it and it looks all red? how long will it take to heal now? What can I do to help the appearance of it now?? I got it done about 2-3 weeks ago.

  • TJ666x

    LOL, i changed mine after like 3 days? that?s when my piercer said it was ok? + mine has? be fine ;D

  • mcrlover4life424

    i want to change mine already and my piercer told me that i can change mine 2 or 3 weeks and 2morrow is going to be 2? weeks should i take it off 2morrow? or when should i? i tried but i got scared and it hurt.HELP =]

  • slava1991skc

    is it ok to have a ring straight away? or does it have to be a stud? thanks

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