Friday, November 16, 2012

Note to DCCC Communications Director Jesse Ferguson: ?two ...

I stand by what I posted about the DCCC Communications Director (scroll back.) ?He responded below.

He doesn?t get it ? he doesn?t get that we need leadership not schoolyard brawlers. ?He has the immature ?they did it first? mentality. ?The fact that he says ?they did it first? doesn?t make me think Jesse Ferguson is more likely to want to lead us out of our problems. It sounds like he wants to be part of the problem and he is. ?(And no, ?doing it first is not good, either?..)

We face serious problems in this country and attitudes like his lead us deeper into the cesspool. We need people to lead ?- not hold us in the gutter.

Two wrongs have never made a right.

(PS ? I didn?t post the note Ferguson refers to below because either I am not on this counterpart?s mailing list or I ?never saw it. ?I would prefer not to get this dribble from either party.)

Here is his note:


Greta ?


I saw your blog item about our press release yesterday. Happy to talk further about it but I wanted to call to your attention that the Republican (NRCC) doing the exact same thing yesterday.


Given the scorn you had for our statement, I thought you might want to have the full information.


We believe it was important to point out that Republicans just lost an election because the principles that House Republican leaders holds dear were rejected by voters. In response, House Republicans re-elected those same leaders.


Happy to talk further.








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